White gold is a popular color option that people choose for their engagement rings. If you want to know whether white gold will be good for your wedding or engagement ring or not, then the answer is definitely Yes. White gold jewelry is comparatively more expensive than yellow gold jewelry. The main reason is because of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of white and yellow gold jewelry is different, and the mixing and coating process of white gold jewelry makes it a bit expensive. Following are the reasons why white gold will be a good option for your engagement ring

Timeless Style

White gold is relatively harder in contrast to yellow gold since yellow gold is mixed with white metals like palladium or nickel to provide white gold metals more sturdiness. Therefore white gold is the right choice for people who want to provide extra security to their engagement ring and ensure that the diamond does not break or fall off easily. Both men and women appreciate white gold since the neutral color is a timeless fashion and matches every outfit and skin tone.

Stunning Looking and a Precious Metal

If you want to opt for a popular metal for your engagement or wedding ring, there can be no other option than white gold since white gold is a gorgeous and precious metal that provides a classic and timeless look to your ring. White gold also matches any ring style or setting easily. The white color of this metal will amplify your diamond engagement ring.

White Gold is Less Expensive in Contrast to Precious Platinum Metal.

Platinum is an expensive metal. The majority of people go for white gold over platinum metal because of the vast difference in price. White gold looks quite similar to platinum but is less expensive than the precious platinum metal. The main reason white gold is less expensive compared to platinum is that around 27,000 gold tons are mined every year while only 80 tons of platinum are mined yearly, so platinum is around 30% more scarce and rare than white gold. Because of its scarcity, platinum is highly expensive. If you want to opt for a classic and precious metal without incurring a huge cost on your engagement ring, then you can go for a white gold wedding band, which will be comparatively less expensive than a platinum band.

Wide Option Offerings Available in White Gold

Since white gold is not as expensive as precious platinum metal, it is a popular choice of metal that people select for their wedding bands and engagement ring. You will come across a wide spectrum of ring styles in white gold than in other metals such as yellow gold or rose gold. Ring makers have thousands of ring styles to choose from in white gold metal.


At New World Diamonds, you get different engagement ring styles, and models to choose from that will easily fit your budget and expectations. White gold is a popular metal choice for engagement rings and wedding bands for both men as well as women. White gold wedding bands are gorgeous and available in different styles at competitive prices. White gold is a classic and modern metal that is a fashionable choice for wedding or engagement diamond rings. People appreciate white gold for its clean neutral color that harmonizes easily with other precious stones.

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