Is wealth creation a matter of looking ahead? To some people this may be yes while to some the answer may be negative depending on which side of the coin they are looking.

To put it mildly and whether we like it or not we have to hold on to the fact that as someone thinks so he is , so you become what you think about yourself always.
The major mistake that some people make is by dwelling in their past instead of looking ahead of life. Last year, no doubt, has gone so you do not have to bother yourself about it so much, just as it is a waste of time crying over the spilled milk.

The year 2011 should be seen as a bounced check while 2012 continues to be a promissory note therefore you should not base your plans, goals, aspiration on the previous years or on the influence of those in your surroundings.

As long as you throw last year into the dust bin of history, do not go back to remove the lid again. Have you, for once, thought of the reason why God Almighty placed our two eyelids in front of our heads with nothing at the back that could have served as a means of security? It is because He wants us realize that the past is just what it is – the past and we should not go back to it but move forward.

The mind agitating question again still remains is wealth creation a matter of the mind and the answer we have got to that at the moment is yes. We always have to look forward into our future without any crystal ball and not ponder so much about our past failures and mistakes this is because no one can ever move forward by looking backward.

To make a good way in wealth creation, we must put our past mistakes behind us . There is surely no one without a past but the most reasonable thing for us is to let it go otherwise we may go with it. Whatever you must have done wrongly and whoever must have disappointed you in the past just forget about it all so that you will be able to get hold of the goodness today and the future hold in store for you because time is always full of opportunities and possibilities and the right thing is to make good use of it otherwise it will slip away.

You should not rather sit on the fence and expect manner to fall on your hands as God made it happen to the children of Israel in the desert but seize the day’s opportunity to change your life situation for the best and eventually you will be able to prove whether wealth creation is matter of the mind.

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