Is There Any Medicine or Exercise to Enlarge Penis in Length and Width: How to Get a Bigger Penis without Pills

Finding out tips on how to make the penis longer is a good thing for a man that has been living with four inches.

I am one of those who don't feel too proud of having a small penis. It makes me feel insecure and sad knowing that the average penis size for Americans is about six and a half. Having to see that other men are not having a problem with the size of their penis makes me feel even more insecure about it.

But there are things that give hope. Looking in the internet, I have found a lot of tips that would make my penis longer. And indeed I did give me more confidence in bed and it made me wear a lot more tight pants because I now have a major bulge. It is also instrumental in getting me enough courage to ask women to come home with me knowing that my penis is indeed bigger.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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There are a lot of tips that the internet gives. Loads of them are suggestions of what kinds of product I shall take. And I have found that it is only effective when you do it with a lot of penis lengthening exercises.

I have tried stretchers and it worked fine but sometimes it ends up giving my penis a sore. I have also tried pulling exercises and it seemed to work fine. The best one for me that has given me the maximum length that I wanted is the Wally Wally Ups exercise.

You do the wally wally ups by sitting in a chair or if you prefer privacy, the toilet bowl. Then you have to make your penis fully erect with masturbation. Do not reach ejaculation, just enough that significant length is evident. Then you hang a small towel over the penis then you have to contract the muscles so that it will give some resistance training to your penis. Make sure that your penis will stiffen up to its maximum height with the weight of the towel. You then have to hold it for about three to five seconds and you have to do about five to ten repetitions of it. The usual number of sets would be about three to five. I have found out that this exercise has made my penis stronger and harder when it erects. Together with the pills, it has also made it look longer.

This is just one of the significant tips on how to make my penis look longer.

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In the future man will have penises a bit larger since we are just now breaking ground and discovering how to naturally enhance our own members. Until that day I will show you how I enlarged my penis size quickly and I will teach you what I did to have this incredible 'New Age' penis today. I am not trying to be conceited or bragging, not in the very least, that is not my style. What I am trying to attempt to do here is to encourage you that a bigger penis is something that will benefit you mentally in both your love life and your self-esteem.

There is no shame in desiring a larger and thicker penis and definitely no shame in actually attaining that goal. The primary reasoning behind desiring a larger penis is for sexual gratification. Otherwise, we would all be satisfied with whatever size we were dealt out and nothing more would be said or thought about the penis size. The issue at hand is that we do care about the size of our penises and that's the reason for enlargement issues.

In order to learn how I enlarged my penis size quickly you will need to just sit back and read a little. Recalling that knowledge is power and that now is a time for you to obtain that knowledge and do so with only a little hard work. I started out with an average-sized penis and grew it to a size of 8 inches long with a girth of 4 inches with only hand exercises. I was very dedicated to enlargement and did so with firm discipline and a mental image of a larger penis.

Tired of having small penis? WANT TO MAKE IT BIGGER IN JUST 4 WEEKS? I increased the size of my penis by 2 inches using only my hands and I will show you how.

I started out with a 6 inch penis and gained the first 2 inches within three months and was amazed at how I could keep this increased size every time I became stimulated. It was amazing to see the expression on my partner's face, who is now my wife, as it was a special present for her on Christmas day. To this day she still stands in amazement when we are in the mood for love and I feel very happy and satisfied that I can do this for her as well as for me.

I've told you that I would teach you what I did and I'm going to do that right now. I started out with gently massaging my penis with a fine lubrication as I was fearful of developing a rash and remembering what my high school days were like when I had a rash on the sides of my penis. It was not very comfortable and indeed I learned my lesson from those early days of masturbation. Let me tell you this right now, these exercises are not seen as masturbation. These actions are increasing exercises are seen as physical exercises that require mental acuity in order to complete the goal of enlarging your penis.

So what have we learned? Simply with hand exercises, discipline and consistency and keeping the image of a larger penis in my head, I was able to enlarge my penis within a few months.

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Most men, who are not well endowed, seek an answer to this question on how to stretch your penis naturally with your hand using penis enlarging exercises. These are tried and true exercises and methodologies that will increase the size of your penis if done correctly and with discipline. This is not an issue of can this happens or will this happen; this is an issue that can honestly be said of right now.

You will increase the size of your penis by stretching it naturally with your hand. Don't believe this? Having trouble wrapping your head around the vision of having a larger and wider penis in 2010? Let me put your fears to rest. Gaze upon these penis enlarging exercises that only require the use of your hand.

The first exercise that we will delve into it involves stroking the penis with either the left or right hand with lubrication. It is important that a fine quality lubricant be used and one that contains no perfumes or alcohol. The reason for the lube is chafing. Nothing stops an exercise routine quicker than an uncomfortable feeling especially in an area as sensitive as your penis. The lubricant should be one that is top shelf as a few dollars more world by that much more calm for and peace of mind.

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The object of these hand exercises is to increase the size of your penis and to send blood down to the penis in exaggerated amounts. Your whole life your heart has provided the amount of blood that it deemed it necessary and adequate for the job of enlarging your penis during stimulation. Obviously that has not filled the void within your life that is so predicated on physical and emotional well-being. By faithfully utilizing these penis stretching exercises, not only will you see an increase in the size, but you will also feel it inside your body. In other words, your self confidence will be raised and you will become a new man.

Nothing stops that goal of manly imaging than the belief that one's penis is not large enough even when it could be 5 to 5 ½ inches long. The average size of the male penis is 5 ½ to 6 inches so by being even a half inch off the normal average penis size, the self-confidence level can be diminished by so much more than half an inch.

A great exercise will be one were you grasp your penis in one hand, and with an up and down rhythmic motion, gently massage up to the tip. At the same time think about the blood filling into your penis at an exaggerated level as mentioned before. It is important that the penis exercise stretching method be done only every other day since just like any other workout area of the body, rest is highly imperative. Although the penis does not contain a muscle, there are muscles that are attached to the penis that need to be rested and re-fueled in order to build up, and to send more blood into the bladders of the penis.

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Any man recognizes the importance of his penis size when it comes to sex. It is no wonder then why some men are scampering for the best way to increase their manhood size... even if it costs them hundreds of dollars. But the truth is, you don't actually have to spend so much money to enhance your manhood - just use your hands to exercise it daily!

Exercising your male organ does not mean having to go through several physically torturing sessions. On contrary, the routines involved are just some simple stretching actions which typically only take up about 20 to 30 minutes each day to do - so you can imagine just how easy the exercise is.

Is it that effective to exercise your penis to make it bigger?

In most cases, yes! Even for me personally, exercising my male organ made it increase by nearly 2 inches in size within just a little more than 6 weeks. Unless you are suffering from any serious genetics disorder, you too should be able to experience the same kind of results.

Add up to 4 inches to your penis size... starting today, RIGHT NOW!

Because penis exercising is not just any alternative treatment. It is scientifically proven to work, and is endorsed by medical professionals to be a very feasible way to gain some size to your manhood. So much so that even doctors are now 'prescribing' penis exercises to patients who suffer from a lack of size down below.

Exercising your penis also brings other benefits than a gain in size!

Now you should realize that although size is an important factor for a fulfilling sex experience, it is not just the only thing you should pay attention to. Remember, a large sized manhood is does not much good unless it is strong enough to perform.

That is where doing exercises can significantly help you. You see, just like exercising your arms or legs, doing so on your penis greatly enhances its strength and sexual fitness. So you can be sure of never having any sort of problems in achieving a stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erection ever again!

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