Is There Any Effective Natural Way To Enlarge Size Of Penis: What Foods Should I Eat To Get A Bigger Penis

There are a lot of penis enlargement exercises out there but here are the most effective and widely performed. These exercises are medically approved to be safe and effective. The exercises guarantee results in less than two months with increased penis girth and length. Note though that one must perform the exercises at least three times a week.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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1. Jelqing or Milking Technique - This exercise develops the tissues responsible for the length of the penis. Start the exercise by taking a warm shower with the water directly running around the penis area for ten minutes. If having warm shower is not feasible, it is also advisable to place warm towel over the penis for ten minutes. The heat from the shower or the towel promotes increased blood circulation around the penis making the exercise more effective.

It is also important to remember that both hands and penis have to be well lubricated before proceeding with the exercise. After taking warm shower or putting warm towel over the penis, encircle the base of the shaft with the thumb and forefinger. After doing so, firmly slide the hand towards the head pushing the blood towards the same direction. The other hand must continue the same motion by encircling the penis with the thumb and forefinger and firmly moving up. Do this motion with both hands alternating for twenty times or until you decide to ejaculate.

2. Kegel Exercise - This exercise targets the PC muscle which is responsible for stronger erections and appearance of the penis. Start this exercise by sitting on a small sized ball, probably that of the size of a tennis ball. While sitting, contract the anus and hold the contraction for seven to ten seconds. Rest for less than twenty five seconds before continuing on with the contraction. The contraction should be anywhere between twenty and thirty times when beginner and may even be more than a hundred when advanced.

3. Wet Towel Technique - This exercise works the same way you work your biceps when doing bicep curls or your pectoral muscles by doing chest presses. The penis is considered to be a muscle and using a wet towel as the weight makes it stronger and bigger both in length and girth the same way other muscles develop during weight training. Again, it is important to start with warm bath or putting warm towel over the penis to make the exercise more effective. stroke the penis until it gets very hard and stiff. After reaching that desired state, hang a wet towel on the penis for ten seconds. Remove the towel and relax the penis for thirty seconds and continue with the hanging once again. If penis starts to reach a semi flaccid state, stroke it some more until it gets hard again. Repeat the process for thirty times.

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In order to understand the benefits of the three tips to make your penis longer, allow me to explain. The goal of many men these days is to find out how to improve sexual pleasure and give their partner more orgasms in the privacy of a shared bedroom. That makes perfect sense and is a great goal to have and I will teach you how to do that right here and now.

Let's start by having you look at your penis and really seeing what size it is non-aroused. The average size of a male penis is 5 ½ to 6 inches long and if you're anywhere close to this you will be amazed at the size increases you have after only a few months of doing these penis and exercises.

1) Kegel Exercises to Increase PC Muscle Duration

2) Penis Stretching Exercises Using Only Hand and Lotion

3) Mental and Nutritional Preparation and Stamina Building For Sexual Intercourse

The first exercise is referred to as Kegel exercises and is highly beneficial for one of the largest muscles in the general pelvic region, the PC muscle. What used to be just a goal of women for increasing the firmness of their vagina walls is now crossed over to the male population and is a big reason for penis enlargement.

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The Kegel exercises can be done in a prone position by clinching the muscle that prohibits urine flow and then releasing. This can be thought of as an exercise with repetitions and sets just like curling in the weight room. If by this time the embarrassment factor is too much for you to handle, swallow hard and know that it takes a lot to grow the size of your penis by yourself. Understand that your mind must be in a positive frame since embarrassment is something that should of went out with high school.

Penis stretching exercises with your hand and lotion are only the second phase in this penis enrichment program. By steadily and rhythmically working your penis back and forth with either hand towards the head at least 3 to 5 times a week, you will see increased blood flow to your penis which would in turn make your penis longer. This is the simple reason why penises grow, more blood flow.

The third and final tip for making your penis longer is all about your mind and your belly. As mentioned earlier and above you must have a positive mindset and know that you will increase the size your penis if you follow the easy and simplistic tips. Please do not forget to nourish your whole-body as everything that's involved with the interior workings of your blood flow will be necessary to increase the size of your penis.

Try a diet loaded with great fruits and vegetables as these are beneficial to the production of red and white blood cells. We all know blood is what the penis needs to make it larger.

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One of the best ways to learn how to make your penis grow is through penis enlargement exercises. Although this is nothing new, as there is nothing new under the sun, penis exercises are the staple for any penis enrichment enlargement program. Many men charged right in without researching and understanding the proper techniques for enlarging their penis through exercises and other forms of enlargement.

There are four common mistakes of penis enlargement that deserve to be looked at and hopefully corrected for the multitudes of men who are suffering from less than average penis sizes. It is our hope that by opening a discussion forum for these common mistakes of penis enlargement, that many of the individuals will see the light and start to utilize the information at hand and correct their faulty exercise routines.

Brevity of Exercise Routine

One of the most initial knee-jerk reactions is to hurry through a set of penis stretching exercises by hand, and the individuals do not receive the full benefit of the exercise. One way to correct this is to make sure that the proper amount of recommended time is spent on the actual exercise routine. A good example would be a jerking exercise for the day in which 15 sets of 10 to 15 minutes each are allowed to transpire before the exercise day is done. In this way the complete benefit of the exercise routine will be established and as anything else, what is completed over and over again will become routine.

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Lack of Lubrication

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make yet one that has the most devastating effect for any penis exercise routine. Chafing and irritation can stop an exercise routine in its tracks. The easiest way to make sure this never happens is to always insist on having a fine lubricant when your hand meets your penis. Exercises should stop when any pain is felt, even if that pain is accidentally caused by you.Just because you know the cause does not give you the okay to continue with your exercise routine.

Not Resting Between Routine Days

Many individual men do not understand the theory of rest and benefits is gives to the muscles in between workouts. This could stem from the fact that they feel that since the penis does not have a muscle inside of the shaft, that the necessity to rest any penis and larger exercise routine is null and void. The problem with this is that there are muscles that surround the pubic area and are responsible for assisting the blood flow to the penis and need to be rested.

Giving up Too Early After no Visible Growth

Individual penis and larger programs have different lengths of time before any results are seen. It is imperative that they recommended that the exercise routine for the penis be followed strictly and with discipline. Good things take time, so just be patient.

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Do you want to know a way to grow your penis bigger? Contrary to what you may have heard, it is not necessary to make use of any fancy gadget in order to make your manhood grow. There is an effective and slightly unorthodox method which you can easily do using nothing but your bare hands - exercise your penis!

And why not? Exercise is a perfectly natural approach to growing your body bigger. Exercising your arms and legs make them grow larger and fitter, doesn't it? The same happens when you perform exercises on your male organ too.

But the exercise routines involved are far from being complicated and tedious to perform. The routines are basically just some simple stretching and massaging actions you carry out on your male organ with your hands. And it only takes a few minutes each day for you to do so too!

Raring to start growing your penis bigger? Here is one simple stretching exercise which you should be able to easily practice each morning from today onwards:

1. Begin with your penis in a limp state

2.Use the fingers of one hand to hold the penis head

3. Gradually pull your organ outwards, going as far away from you as possible

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4. Feel the stretch at the base of your shaft and hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds

5. Release your stretch and relax your organ by shaking it about

6. You can repeat the routine several more times, changing the direction of your stretch every single time

The simple exercise above is designed to expand the tissues within your organ in order to naturally make your penis longer. Of course this is the most basic stretching routine you can perform; there are several more intermediate and advanced stretching exercises which are slightly more intense but still easy to carry out.

As easy as these exercises may seem to be, the impact they have on your male organ is far greater than you could imagine. Just by doing the simple routines regularly can eventually make your penis bigger by a few inches, and have it stay bigger in size for good!

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