Sperm is very essential to conceive children. Moreover, the quantity of sperm is very essential to fertilize a female egg. And, low sperm count means difficulty in conception. Furthermore, some of the problems related to male fertility are inappropriate sperm count, unhealthy sperm, and low sperm motility. Besides, the reproductive fluid must be white or gray in color, thick and more in quantity. On the other hand, it is essential to ejaculate 20 million sperm in 1ml of semen to conceive children. And, overall there should be at least 40 million sperm of which 75 percent should be alive, and 30percent should be normal in shape and size. Also, about 25 percent of sperm should have good swimming speed to move forward in the body of a female.

However, sperm below the normal conditions is medically recognized as oligospermia, and seeking for a natural cure for low sperm count is the safest way to treat this problem. Nevertheless, it is also important to know the causes of oligospermia.

1. Due to infection in semen sperm may die.

2. Habit of excessive masturbation can affect the sperm morphology.

3. Habit of smoking and drinking can reduce the amount of sperm.

4. Deficiency of zinc is harmful for overall health of reproductive system. In addition, it can also affect the production of sperm.

5. Disorders related to prostate gland can reduce the amount of sperm.

On the other hand, natural cure for low sperm count can be possibly treated with the help of some effective home remedies, which are mentioned ahead.

1. The best natural cure for low sperm count is practicing yoga everyday. It can revitalize the reproductive organ and increase the production of healthy sperm. In addition, the asanas of yoga can boost the performance in the bed.

2. Exercising regularly is the safest natural cure for low sperm count. Any individual can keep himself fit by exercising.

3. The most effective natural cure is to maintain healthy diet that contains whole grains and green leafy vegetables.

4. Maintain a gap of three days in between every ejaculation will prove to be helpful in the natural cure for low sperm count.

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