According to Editors for the Bottomline Books, a possible natural vaccine is being overlooked. This possible natural cure involves bolstering one’s gut microbiome to avoid what is known as a cytokine storm.

When one is exposed to COVID-19, the immune system goes into overdrive. The immune system fails to switch off and that leads to what is called an inflammatory or cytokine storm that can lead to the fatal shutdown of multiple organs. In fact, cytokine storms are thought to explain the devastating effects of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic.
It is believed a cytokine storm happens when one’s immune system encounters a new pathogenic trespasser, one it has not seen before, like COVID-19.

So, what is one’s gut microbiome? It’s the community of bacteria that lives in one’s GI system. One’s gut microbiome and immune system work together to protect one from disease. In fact, 70% to 80% of one’s body’s immune cells are in the gut! So, when the balance between the systems is upset, one can expect a host of health problems including cytokine storms. Strong immunity requires the immune cells in one’s gut to remain strong and that is a function of one’s diet, lifestyle, and the medications one takes. Of course, diet is the most important!

One of the frustrating mysteries of COVID-19 is why some people are asymptomatic. Why is it that some people have only mild symptoms, while others---especially those with preexisting conditions---have an acute systematic inflammatory response that can result in serious side effects and even death?

Yet, to doctors who study the gut microbiome, it’s not a mystery at all. They know the health of one’s gut microbiome naturally deteriorates with age. Also known is the deterioration is worse in those who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and other elderly afflictions.
So, it makes perfect sense that the immune systems of healthy young people take care of the virus with few problems while older people fall prey much more easily and older people with underlying health issues are most at risk.

None of us should just sit around and wait for a vaccine to be proven safe and effective. Instead, take action by adding foods to one’s diet that can activate one’s immune system’s ‘off switch’ and stop a cytokine storm from happening.

At the top of the list, ECGC, the chief catechin in green tea, not only protect cells from oxidative damage, but also encourages gut health. In a 2019 review of studies and trials published by Nutrients, found that green tea reduces firmicutes (unfriendly bacteria) and improves levels of Bacteroidetes (friendly bacteria).

Green tea can also inhibit NLRP3 inflammation and increase Nrf2, a protein that controls inflammation. Also, a randomized study out of Japan shows it may take as little as two cups a day. Imagine, defeating COVID-19 could be that easy!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional, only an avid reader. As usual, seek advice from your healthcare practitioner.

Kelley Curl is the co-author of, “Oh! Feeling Pretty! Can Trace Minerals Fight Viruses, Prevent Cancer, And Other Ailments?” Available at

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Kelley Curl is the co-author of, “Oh! Feeling Pretty! Can Trace Minerals Fight Viruses, Prevent Cancer, And Other Ailments?” Available at