I think that there is a key to happiness. However, it's based upon what your needs and desires are at the time. For example, if someone is feeling overweight and self-conscious about themselves, they are not going to be happy in that moment. It's only when they are comfortable or pleased with that area of their life that they perceive they are happy. For some, it’s managing their weight or body. For others it could be having the right relationship. Others want a better career. For many it's a financial issue.

However, all of that said, the real key is not to isolate yourself from other people. When someone spends too much time alone they create what is called a "Self" paradigm in which there is too much inward reflection.

- Too Much Inner Thought: Not stepping outside of the circle can keep you stuck

- Constant Self Reflection: This can often turn into self criticism

- Greater Time Spent In Isolation: You may lose energy, drive, and focus

- Non-Productive Inward Objectivity: Second guessing yourself will stall your progress

When we forget that we are part of a society of likeminded people, we tend to become so “self” critical that we can forget that others too go through feelings much like our own.

Yet when you participate in the world with others, help, contribute, and give back to the world, you find that you're actually happier about your life and your “self”. You are finding that you're a worthy individual capable of offering your help to other people.

And when you create a group of people who you can check in with on a regular basis, that too gives you a great sense of self and who can't help but feel happiness about that.

There are 5 simple principles I teach in my book "Finish What You Start" that successful people have been using to create their own happiness on a consistent basis.

And the key for them is not what you think. When you take the focus off of yourself and place it on helping others, not only do you find more happiness in your life, but you create greater successes. Because who doesn't want to offer their services to someone who makes them feel important.

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Author's Bio: 

Craig Copeland is an author and a speaker for several years and has recently begun speaking at seminars through his company the Reach Now Institute based on his new book "Finish What You Start": Unlocking The Success Secrets of the Top 1%.