I had a incredible stress not long ago and this affect to my immune system. The result was that I felt sick with psoriasis. They may be small red psoriasis dots (or drops) at the the skin. They appeared on my trunk, arms and legs.

I’ve tried a few ways of psoriasis treatment. I applied some creams and ointments that I had to apply to my epidermis. However this therapy didn’t work. Then I tried phototherapy, however it was not efficient again. Then I started with some pills and injections. I felt much better and I thought that this was the end of my suffering. Soon later that the psoriasis dots appeared on my epidermis again. I was terrified.

Than a good friend of mine told me about doctor fishes that cure psoriasis. They are actually based in the Kangal site in Turkey. At very first I didn’t imagine but this was my only option.

I went in Kangal SPA Thermals total of mistrust, however the employees was far too polite. There have been qualified medicals. They gave me plenty of information about the psoriasis fish cure. Here is a listing of rules that you must stick to if you want the psoriasis cure to be fully effective:

1-Drink at least three glasses of healing water before breakfast with an empty stomach

2-Enter the pool immediately after having breakfast

3- Therapy starts via healing water rich in minerals and healing fishes.

4- The healing classes from the doctor fish existing at the water temperature of 37 C (Scientifically no fish live in mineral water with temperature exceeding 28 C). You can find two various kinds of this fish: The strikers and lickers

5- Together with the healing water containing the ingredient selenium (known to be most beneficial in curing dermatological diseases) the healing fish commences the healing activity

6- Enter the pool twice a day, reside into the mineral water for eight hrs in overall daily

7- No alcohol must be used during the cure

8- No other medicine or any medication for psoriasis ought to be used throughout the cure

9- The therapy ought to continue for 21 days; a period of stay of 8 hrs daily in the pool ought to be observed. Patients will acquire 100% result by considering this basic step

10- Psoriasis affected patients applying these basic guidelines will go away the springs with total healing.

When you enter the pool at the first time the feeling is strange. These small doctor fishes they touch all of your body. But after you use to it the feeling is like some kind of massage. I felt the result from the 2nd day. At the finish of the therapy (it lasts 21 days) I was a whole new person. Every one of the spots had disappeared. There are several years since I was in Kangal. I still feel fantastic.

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