Prostatitis is very common in the male population. Some of they many think it is a genetic problem. While in truth, it doesn’t like what you think. Generally speaking, the reason why there is a genetic misunderstanding about chronic prostatitis is understandable. After long-term clinical treatment and data investigation, we found that a number of members of the patient's family may also suffer from chronic prostatitis at the same time or in succession.

In an extended family, for example, the brothers, their fathers, uncles, and even their grandpas had experienced this disease when they were young. These direct kinship and blood relationship often lead to many people mistakenly thinking that their disease is inherited by their elders, which is very easy to be understood.

Then, is chronic prostatitis hereditary? To all intents and purposes, Studies have shown that this disease has hereditary susceptibility, namely, susceptible genetic loci has been found in patients during genetic research. That is to say, they have certain genes that make them susceptible to this disease, and these genes are inherited.

However, this does not mean that chronic prostatitis is necessarily hereditary. The focus is "susceptible", indicating that one may be very likely to be affected by this disease. The occurrence of chronic prostatitis is influenced and restricted by many factors.

Generally speaking, the current epidemiological study has not found that chronic prostatitis has obvious heredity, so most scholars think that this disease has no relation to genes.

And why do some families have multiple patients? Doctors point out that in addition to the high incidence of chronic prostatitis, this is related to the bad habits of family tendencies.

Some living habits, economic conditions and living environment are similar in a family, such as eating spicy food, drinking, familial sexual habits, nutritional health related to economic conditions, etc. All these similar factors are highly likely to induce and stimulate the development of concurrent chronic prostatitis.

Chronic prostatitis is a common disease of male. In most cases, this disease is not very harmful, but it will cause severe consequences like infertility without timely treatment. In the course of treatment, chronic prostatitis is easy to relapse.

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