“Is The Power-of-Suggestion How You Make Money, Cement Relationships, & For Personal-Protection?”
• 1. Me: “Mike, (my teenage kid) do you intentionally use “Suggestions” to motivate yourself to ace exams & classes, and to influence, persuade & convince girls?”

• 2. Mike: “Pop, you just got my full ‘Attention’. I know another lesson is coming, but this sounds like a good one.”

• 3. Me: “Have you heard the expression, “Mind-over-matter?” It’s connects to the Power of Suggestion.”

• 4. Mike: “Is this going be like a lecture at school? Sure, I heard of “mind-over-matter”, it means how we think is what changes our lives. The mind overcomes the body?”

• 5. Me: “Your mother once ask me to define it. I answered, “If you aint got a Mind, then nothing-matters. Clowning around, but do you want to hear what Science says?”

• 6. Mike: “Will it help me Ace school, make lots of money,

and help me win the ‘hot-chicks?’. Yes, we still call them ‘chicks’ and spend all-day thinking about girls.”

• 7. Me: “Suggestion is the most powerful tool for getting everything you want out of your life. It’s easy and fast to use 24/7.
• Best of all you use Suggestion in school, in your career (law maybe), and to protect yourself from others using it against you. Interested?”

• 8. Mike: “Pop, you’re distracting me. And remember, I need simple examples to really learn to use the Power of Suggestion.”

• 9. Me: “Please take a few written notes because depending on memory is bull. Get this: what we Expect – Imagine – Believe (mostly Expect to happen) influences our thinking, judgment and behaviors.”

• 10. Mike: “That’s weird: what our mind “expects” to happen changes what really happens? Does it apply to tests and getting a scholarship to college, and the SAT?”

• 11. Me: “Exactly, the power of Suggestion has two sides,
Positively expecting to ace it with 100%, and Negatively
knowing you are going to get an “F”, or say 40% on it.”
• 12. Mike: “Like you quote Henry Ford, “If you think you’re right or you think you’re wrong – you’re right.”

• 13. Me: “Exactly like that. This recent research is hot and is the work of Maryanne Garry, professor at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zeeland. The other prof is
Irving Kirsch of Harvard Medical School.
• It appears in the June issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science Journal. It’s been tested & proven.”

• 14. Mike: “OK, I believe you. What do I have to know to use it, in other words, ‘What’s In It For Me?”

• 15. Me: “You get that this is “Deliberate Suggestion” where you use your ‘Willpower & Intention’ to influence either yourself or others. First thing to remember. It all depends on WHO the suggestion is coming from?”

• 16. Mike: “If the suggestion come from someone you trust or have power over you, it is stronger, right?”

• 17. Me: “You’re a Brainiac, Mike. A parent, teacher, your Boss makes a suggestion, and you see Mental-Movies in your Mind. You easily believe (cognition), and expect it to come true.

• That’s the “Behavior” part. You do what it takes to make it a reality in your life. You accept the suggestion.”

• 18. Mike: “Give me Steps to follow to influence myself to Ace exams and win all the Girls.”

• 19. Me: “Intention choose to S-M-I-L-E for 18-seconds to give you the mindset of positive expectations with both exams & attracting girls. Smiling is contagious & people smile along with you.

• More important: your brain is monitoring your Facial Expressions 24/7 to be in alignment with what you are showing as feelings. SMILE and you get more thoughts and feeling that make you smile. Frown & be scared…”

• 20. Mike: “First you convince yourself by smiling, & it influences the people around you to Trust you, right?”
Next step Pop.”

• 21. Me: “Mental Movies”. Create a ‘mental-visualization”. How? Daydream a successful conclusion. Example: see yourself getting the exam back with a large “A+” at the top.
• Example: see yourself going on a great date with your Hot-Chick. She is smiling & happy to be with you. You are coming across like a Rock-Star.”
• Daydream a positive Expectation and you are Priming your mental Pump for winning, success, & feeling good.”

• 22. Mike: “Is there a technical name for this, just so I know it exists?”

• 23. Me: “Response-Expectancies”. Scientists show that when you “Anticipate” your positive or negative “Outcome”, you change your thinking, judgment & behaviors to make it happen.”

• 24. Mike: “I believe it, but it sounds like Science-Fiction. Control your mind, and you make things happen your way. Is that what the Power of Suggestion really is?”

• 24. “Me: “Been in a diner and the waitress says, “The special for today is Grilled Salmon. I had it for lunch and it is so good it bring a smile to your face.”

• 25. Mike: “Sure, and I mostly take her suggestion because she knows and is giving me inside info.”

• 26. Me: “Didn’t she influence, persuade & convince you by her Suggestion? You could taste the great ‘grilled salmon, and “Expectation” changed your mind from ordering a thick steak.

• She changed your thinking & behavior by her deliberate Suggestion.”

• 27. Mike: “Got another way of looking at Suggestion?”

• 28. Me: “Call it “Casual Suggestion.” Will you write this down, it’s really powerful. “Whatever is Measured – Improves.” Google: the Howthorne Effect.

• 29. Mike: “Why the homework?”

• 30. Me: “Wanna win girls, get promotions in your career, and even get a Free scholarship?” The answer is to
Make other people feel special & important.
• When you ask questions about what others are doing, it’s more than a compliment, it makes them like you and try to impress you. See that Hawthorne Effect.”

• 31. Mike: “Wait. When you ignore people’s ideas, talents, & skills, you insult them and they won’t follow your suggestions. Makes sense, but our own ego gets in the ways, right?”

• 32. Me: Want to be a better Brainiac? Google: “Placebo Effect”. We believe doctors who give medicine. We make a complete recovery because of our faith in the physician.
Study ‘Placebos’ are you’ll really learn the power of suggestion.”

• 33. Mike: “Anything else I should remember on Suggestion?”

• 34. Me: “Affirmations. What you repetitious SAY to yourself is accepted by your mind (subconscious) and programs your thinking and behaviors.

• Use this easy 8-word Affirmation for positive ideas to Improve your life in school and in your career.

• “Why-is-everything-always-working-out-FOR-ME!”
Chant it four-times like a song.”

• 35. Mike: When and where? How many repetitions?”

• 36. “The more you use ‘self-talk’ to mentally repeat it, the greater the benefits. On ‘awakening’ and just before ‘falling asleep’ are great. During ‘lunch’ it helps you all day. Say it out-loud like a Chant. Affirmation are powerful.”

• See ya. “Whatever is measured - improves.” So write it down & review often.

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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