News Spy is a machine-driven cryptocurrency trading program that is unanimous with several major digital coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple, amongst others.

It is leading in the general cryptocurrency trading space. The trading bot was created by several traders and software developers who have had several experiences in the cryptocurrency and software development fields.

The creators combined collected data and trends from the cryptocurrency market with trading systems and an intelligent trading algorithm to generate a new trading algorithm of more value. The product is News Spy, and it analyses the market and trading signals that indicate a rise or drop in the value of any cryptocurrency.

The News Spy software uses market analysis to commence beneficial trading signals. Reviews have confirmed that News Spy offers all users the same advantages as other automated trading software. Although News Spy is relatively new, it has gained recognition quickly because of its efficiency and high success rate. You can read this News Spy app review to see users' opinions of the software.

Is News Spy Legit Or Scam?

The connection with a regulated broker indicates it is legal and not a scam, but new and inexperienced traders should be cautious while using it for the first time. They should first learn how the features work. News Spy is automated and needs little to no human intervention. New users only need to fund their accounts and make sure they have configured their settings to minimize their risk of losing their funds.

Traders can use the News Spy robot to carry out their laid down trading strategies by setting strict trading parameters that the robot will perform, rather than simply putting your trust in it and losing all of your income along the line.

You can access the official website on your cell phone or PC, and you can make use of your web browser. The primary need is an active internet connection. News Spy does not have a mobile app available yet. The minimum deposit required to trade as a new user is $250. registration fee is not required; the deposit made is your first investment capital. And you can increase your investment the more you get comfortable using the platform.

News Spy also has a 24hour turn-around time for withdrawal requests, which is faster than most trading bots that take about 72 hours. You can make complaints or request help from the customer service department via email and live chat. News Spy has a 24hour customer service line on standby.

The significant features of News Spy


As stated on the News Spy official website, the average minimum profit that users can produce in using the software is $1,500 per day on an average. Even though this is a confident claim, the amount of profit you generate will ultimately depend on your investment amount and how well you set your trading strategies. However, the website’s testimonials section is full of accounts from people who claim to be making notably more than the said amount.

User Verification

To create a trading account, you need to provide details to confirm your identity and verify your account. This verification process aligns with anti-money laundering laws and ensures your account is safe and secure. Fortunately, the signup process is straightforward, and you can easily navigate as long as you follow the instructions.

To register, you only have to provide your full name, email address, and telephone number in the allocated space provided on the homepage. After that, you’ll have to deposit a minimum trading stake of $250 before you can start auto trading.


The News Spy team is very much aware that, in the world of cryptocurrency, things can switch in an instant. A user’s flexibility needs include depositing and withdrawing funds with relative ease. Payouts are made available immediately after each trading session, and users can request for withdrawal, and the software discusses funds to account within 24hours, using whichever payment vendor you prefer.

Costs and Fees

The News Spy is free for all to use. There are no transaction charges, and after registering an account, the software automatically links you to a broker at absolutely no cost. This broker helps you with all trading processes. If you ever consider trading with leverage or spreads, always go through the terms and conditions.

Linked Brokers

Some users may assume that you are unable to choose your broker is a disadvantage. The system has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate, and it will automatically refer you to an affiliated broker once you are registered. The platform is in partnership with regulated, trusted brokers.

Customer Service

One of News Spy's significant advantages is that it has a skilled team resolving issues and assisting traders through the Help Desk. Questions always arise with any trading software, and having the team accessible is a big plus. You can contact the team by either phone or email, but users noticed that the live chat feature is the most convenient.


News Spy can be a valuable tool in boosting an existing trading strategy. New users need to access the demo account to get aquatinted with the various trading mechanisms, know how the platform works, and how much they could earn by trading.

Knowing the cryptocurrency, you are trading with is essential when making any trade. Still, it is critical to a market with such a far-reaching range of possibilities as cryptocurrency.

Although this software monitors the market for you, you are still in charge of keeping track of cryptocurrency prices. This is because the crypto market is volatile, and your trading strategy may not be following current trading conditions, resulting in a very significant loss. Trading can be volatile, and losses are always likely to occur just as frequently as gaining, so don’t put capital at a risk that you can’t afford to lose. News Spy is not a scam, and it is one of the best trading bots available for trading.

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