Everyone can fail, sometimes. It is not because you are not good enough for your goal; it is only because you lost your brain power.

There are some steps in your life which you have to take successfully to achieve your goal. You have strong reasons which force you to work so hard. Your goal can be anything. It can only be a math test or an interview for a job that you always wanted.

  • You know that you can do it
  • You have succeeded on a more complicated job before
  • You have all the qualifications needed for the job.
  • You have everything to be accepted.

Finally, you learn that your application is rejected. There can be various reasons for that. Maybe there was a better candidate or the reason was simply you; you choke under pressure.

Why did you perform below your skill level?

When you try to do your best, you must use your full brain capacity. You force yourself to be successful because you have to be. This is the most important point. If you think that you MUST be successful that means you have strong worries about your life. These worries can be anything;

  • Maybe, there is someone who you care and you have to look after
  • Maybe, you do not want to change your life conditions
  • Maybe, you have financial problems which should be solved as soon as possible
  • Maybe, you have to pay the hospital bills for a family member
  • Maybe, you are going to get married
  • Maybe, you are going to have a baby which will increase your expenses

To worry about the problems make you fail more. You use your working memory for your worries. These worries force you to think about money. Thinking about money forces you to work more. Working more makes you unhappy. Finally, unhappiness decreases your chance of success.

Worries → Money → Work → Unhappiness → No Success → Worries

When you are taking your steps never let your worries overburden your brain. If your worries get control you will get stuck like shown above. As you are trying to do your best; your worries sneaks into your memory, grows bigger and uses the energy of your brain which you need to focus on the task and succeed.

Writing is The Best Way to Release your worries.

It is proven that writing about your worries before an important step in your life, helps you to release your worries. You must stop using your brain power which is vital for your success. Instead you should take some time to evaluate your worries on a piece of paper.

  • List your worries,
  • Draw the connections among them,
  • Find out what comes next if you cannot find a solution,
  • Write down your reasons to worry etc.

You can write down anything related with your worries. This is like passing your worries to the paper and helps you to let them go. This method is proven to work in the study from The University of Chicago.

Resource:The University of Chicago
Researcher: Sian L. Beilock, associate professor

Other factors that stop you to perform your best

1. Stereotypes also play an important role at your failure. Stereotypes remind themselves, put pressure on you and use your working memory.

  • If you believe in stereotypes you decrease your chance of success from the beginning.
  • If you do not believe in them and you try to prove that you are better, that makes you keep them in mind all the time. You should just ignore them like you never heard about them.

2. Confidence is the key factor of success. More or less everyone has worries.

  • If you have self-confidence, you know that you can get over everything. This way you do not waste your memory with worries.
  • If you do not have self-confidence, your worries always grow bigger. You cannot know what to do and how to do it and you always need help from someone else.
  • You must fully get rid of your worries and free your mind before taking an important step. Save your worries for tomorrow and do your best when you have a chance.
  • You must ignore the stereotypes whatever they are. They can be true for some people but you do not have to be one of them. Deal with them in your spare time. Do not use your energy for them.
  • You must have self-confidence. If you think that you have problems about confidence, you should find a way to build it. I always recommend starting with the Brainwave Entertainment. It is the first step of self-help and you should use it to get the most out of yourself. You can also try subliminal recordings, NLP or meditation.
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