Do you like Florida and would you like to live there? But don't know which city you want to live in? We evaluate new construction homes in Tampa. This city has direct access to water, developed infrastructure and many interesting places for entertainment! In this article, we bring to your attention the best places to live in Tampa.

Make a personal action plan

Before we start talking about the best areas to live in Tampa, think about which criteria are most important to you. Also decide what you can give up and what doesn't matter at all. Having a clear idea of ​​the property you are looking to buy makes your search much easier. At the same time, experienced realtors advise you to always remain open to new and unexpected options. Trusting your local agent will give you benefits you never knew before.

Among the best neighborhoods in Tampa are:


This area is now being actively developed by the country's best developers. Among the new homes, you can find proposals for every taste and budget. Quiet streets, lots of greenery and fresh air - this is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the area. At the same time, the infrastructure is well developed. If you work nearby, you will find everything you need for life within walking distance. Check out the best deals in the area on at new homes 33626. There you will also find a detailed description of the project.

South tampa

This area brings together the best of the city:

  • Coastline with beautiful beaches;
  • Luxurious boutiques;
  • The best restaurants;
  • Historical Buildings;
  • Places for family recreation with a water park and gazebos.

All types of real estate are common in this area: duplexes, standard and two-level apartments, bohemian lofts, townhouses. If you do not want to live in a condominium, there is also a large selection of single family homes.


Fans of apartments and high-rise buildings will find their ideal place to live here. Most of the apartments are equipped with every comfort: fitness center, security, concierge, swimming pool. The upper floors offer a very beautiful view. There are also many office buildings. By car, you can get to the central highways and any shops without traffic jams. It also houses Stetson Law School and the University of Tampa. The nightlife is not limited to clubs. The area boasts an art museum, a children's museum and a theater.

Ybor city

Here are the famous factories for the production of Cuban cigars. If you wish, you can find housing in historic buildings and new buildings here. There are many townhouses and lofts. Many apartments have a pool and fitness center on the ground floor. The most popular attractions in the area are the nightclubs and concert halls. There is a large cinema and comedy club. Local concert venues host numerous annual festivals such as WMNF. Hillsborough Community College is in 5 minutes by foot.

Rules for buying a foreclosed real estate

There are websites that specialize in distressed real estate. Most of the platforms, in addition to new buildings and the secondary housing market, highlight a small catalog of foreclosed homes. With Florida leading the way in foreclosures in 2012, this is not an opportunity to be missed. Even now, there are a lot of distressed real estate on the market, buying which you will save a lot.

The process includes several stages:

  • Within 30 days after the court's decision, the house will go on sale;
  • The bank registers the notification of this at the District Registration Office;
  • Bidding takes place in the district court or online;
  • The winner pays 5% immediately and the rest until the end of the day;
  • The new owner receives a purchase and sale certificate.

The right to own the house comes into force after 10 days.

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