Have you ever happened to accidentally put a too hot pepperin your mouth? The consequences can probably only be remembered too well! The sweat breaks you in all directions, your mouth is on fire, and you have a runny nose for another half an hour. Pleasant food is different, and really healthy does not sound such a bite.
Yet the appearance here is deceiving. Spicy food is indeed very healthy. Older scientific reports that it would cause stomach problems are always more unreliable. On the contrary: once you're used to it, those peppers are really good for you. We mention a number of reasons today! Also remember that Asian people are fond of spicy and crunchy food items does not lives, which part of the world. This post is all about Mumbai Square which is actually a one of best Indian restaurant in London.
Why does food feel spicy?
First let's see where that burning sensation actually comes from. The culprit is the dust capsaicin, which occurs in all pepper types. Originally plants make capsaicin to defend themselves against animals and fungi. Not crazy, therefore, that it has a somewhat unpleasant effect on the nerves in our mouth!
It differs per person how exactly you react to capsaicin, but a number of consequences actually occur to everyone. The substance stimulates the receptors in your mouth, throat and stomach. They give your brain a signal that there is overheating. This can loosen mucus, and it can irritate or even irritate the stomach and intestines.
Nutritional value of peppers
Why is spicy food so healthy after all? To start with, peppers themselves are pretty nutritious products. They are full of vitamins . Do you still eat oranges to prevent colds in the winter? Peppers contain relatively more vitamin C ! In addition, there are also various minerals that your body needs to function properly.
Think of calcium for your bones, potassium for your blood pressure and iron for the transport of oxygen. Manganese and magnesium are also contained in peppers in small quantities. Finally, fresh peppers contain various antioxidants such as carotene.
Spicy food for heart and blood vessels
It is vitamin C that causes the first major benefit of peppers. They strengthen the blood vessels. Capsaicin also speeds up the flow of your blood. Combine these two factors, and you have healthier blood vessels in which the blood pressure is more stable. In the long run, that is good for your entire body!
Moreover, spicy food is good for your cholesterol . It lowers the amount of worse LDL cholesterol and increases the amount of good HDL cholesterol. In short, the famous myth that spicy food would be bad for your heart is big nonsense. The opposite is true: the heart and blood vessels become healthier.
Spicy food against stress
Well, maybe you do not immediately relax from a spoonful of pepper in your mouth - but in the long run, spicy food helps to relieve stress . How is that exactly? The production of serotonin is stimulated by sharp sensations . That substance works as a kind of painkiller, which naturally comes into action after the burning effect of spicy food.
The result of a higher serotonin level is that you start to feel calmer and more relaxed . And peppers can really work as a painkiller because of the same effect! For example, headache is softened a little after you have eaten a spicy meal. It does not work well for everyone, but it is certainly worth trying.
Spicy food speeds up the metabolism
Another advantage of capsaicin: it speeds up the metabolismsomewhat. This sharp substance ensures that your body warms up slightly, and that in turn causes you to burn a little more calories . The best news is that you do not even have to keep moving. The burning of calories at rest will also automatically go up.
Well, the effect is of course not enormous. If you do not change anything, but throw a red pepper in every meal, you will not lose kilos as if by magic. Yet it is such a little bit that in the longer term a small stone can contribute to achieving a healthy body!
Spicy food prevents inflammation
Chronic inflammations are a cause of various unpleasant diseases, such as rheumatism and possibly even certain forms of cancer . Every reason to limit them as much as possible, in other words. Spicy food helps with this. There are several reasons for this. The aforementioned ingredient capsaicin is one of them.
It not only fights against existing inflammations, but also helps to prevent new problems. So they are two birds with one stone! The aforementioned carotene also acts as an antioxidant against inflammations and other factors that can cause cell damage. In short, those peppers may feel burnt, but in the long term they work against inflammation.
Spicy food is cooling
Finally: have you ever noticed that spicy food is eaten a lot, especially in warm countries? The hot curries in India, for example, or the keen Thai stir-fry meals. Or how about South American salsas and the stews that are made in Central Africa? The reason is very simple: peppers work, very counterintuitive, just cooling on the body.
Yes, you just feel like you're getting really hot. But that also makes you sweat a lot, and that is precisely what makes cooling go. In addition, your body temperature rises slightly, making the air around you feel relatively cooler. So it is not a bad idea to go for a spicy soup or salad on a hot summer day !
How do you make food less spicy?
Are you enthusiastic about using chili peppers, but is your meal now burning? That is of course not the intention either. What can you do best now if you have made your food a little too tangy? No drinking water , at least - that only makes things worse! Hot drinks such as mint tea are a better choice.
Dairy products also work very well to extinguish your mouth. Indian lassi, for example, is a perfect drink with a spicy meal, just like a yogurt- based sauce . Finally, bread and rice are also excellent for making spicy food a little better!

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The Mumbai Square is one of the best Indian restaurants in Whitechapel London. It is located in the City between Liverpool Street and Aldgate underground station.
A few minutes away from Bricklane and Spitalfields market, It is perfectly situated for hosting private parties, corporate events, wedding receptions and birthday party.