SiteTalk is a free social network which comes under the OPN Opportunity Network. The website offers lots of appealing features and services. One of these is the opportunity to earn rewards by referring others to the SiteTalk community. The rewards element of this site has many people wondering if they can make a regular income from SiteTalk.

How Does It Work?

The SiteTalk website allows users to communicate with their peers in various ways. Unlike other social networks, users have the freedom to contact whoever they want to speak to.
Is SiteTalk A Viable Work From Home Opportunity?

Using the website is free however users can opt to pay for premium services. It is also worth noting that SiteTalk users can earn rewards by shopping online.

How Do People Make Money?

SiteTalk has a referral based system which allows website users to make money. Marketers will start off by purchasing an upgrade package. This package will contain a point system which rewards the consumer for making referrals. At first glance, SiteTalk resembles a network marketing system.

How to be Successful

In order to understand the referral program, participants must first learn the payout system. SiteTalk offers commission payouts in three different ways. These are personal sales, a bonus payout and group business volume.

Anyone who wants to succeed with SiteTalk will need to get a large amount of referrals. The quickest way of doing this is investing in paid advertising.

While this method is effective, it is also expensive. As most people do not have the funds to do this, they will no choice but to opt for a low cost alternative.

Beginner and intermediate affiliate marketers usually start out by creating web content. They then market this content all over the internet. If a reader is interested in SiteTalk, he or she will click the links on the content and make contact.

Unfortunately, getting enough traffic to make enough referrals will take some time. Like with other affiliate marketing programs, workers have to consistently market their product on website directories.

Those who invest considerable hours into this task will see results. Participants should be aware that like other marketing programs, SiteTalk is not a get rich quick scheme.

In fact, many people invest over 20 hours a week into their marketing efforts. While this task may seem like a full-time job at first, it will not always be this way.

Once workers have built up a reliable network, they will be able to make money without doing much work. This is the number one reason why affiliate marketing is so popular.
In short, SiteTalk is a viable business opportunity. That being said, the majority of people who sign up will not make much money.

This is because the average internet user is not prepared to put in the time and effort affiliate marketing requires. If workers do spend time writing content and marketing it on appropriate websites, they will see results. Marketers should expect to work for 6 to 12 months before they start to get a reliable income from SiteTalk.

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