If you are reading this article, We are going to solve the Wi-Fi coverage issue of your home/offices. So today we are going to help in choosing the right repeater. 

As we know not all the homes are the same and Wi-Fi routers are created equal. If you are facing any issue related to signal in your home then you must need an Wi-Fi Repeater. But not all the internet routers or Wi-Fi repeaters are equal, So always a question will awake in our mind which one is the right Wi-Fi Repeater? 


Before explaining deeply lets go and take a quick look at what is the main work of a Repeater.  It allows you to repeat the Wi-Fi signals of any router or access point in order to provide you internet connectivity in all the dead zones areas in your house/office, The Wi-Fi Repeater configures the router to the ending points of your mobile/pc/laptop. Due to lots of connections and radio waves can impact your network coverage. So a Repeater can help your router to boost the signal and provide you full range coverage.The WiFi Repeater connects to the router at the end-points on your tablet, laptop or smartphone by rebroadcasting the signals both ways. So We are going to explain some identifications, benefits or rangextd setup process.


Identification of RangeXTD

This device is designed very small and slim in shape like a charger. It comes along with 2 antennas and frequency of 2.4 GHZ, It allows you internet speed up to 300 Mbps. It  blocks the low radiation interference, 1 LAN port and 1 WAN port as well as WPA, WPA2 -PSK security. It will configure with any types of router’s, Devices and Internet services.

If you are getting weak signals in your home, this issue can be raised due to lots of connections connected at one time than the router unable to cover the weak spots/dead zones in the house.So there are three different modes available in this repeater.

AP Mode

In this mode it will work to connect the signal from the main WI-FI router and provide the range in around the house. Even to tough areas, the security level is also the same as any other router.

Repeater Mode

The RangeXTD repeater also supports Repeater Mode. In this you can connect a number of devices at the same time. Without compromising the internet speed. On the other hand, Some routers allow only limited devices to connect.

Router Mode

In this mode you can enjoy the benefits of an original router, like VPN, Parental control, remote control and website blocking. Just need to connect the device to modem and can use it as a main router.


Benefits of RangeXTD Repeater


  • Glossy look and sleek design - The Wi-Fi boosters are mainly placed in visible locations like the bedroom, study room. So it's important to look attractive. This device is very glossy in look and sleek in design, it will not impact the vibe of the interiors.
  • Small size and easy to transfer - This device is small in size and will not take a large area. You can easily carry it out even on travels to ensure a high speed internet connection.
  • Speed - The built-in two antennas esure you to provide an unstoppable internet connection. It provides you high speed internet connection in any type of area.


  • Easy to Setup  - The setup process of this device is too easy, Not any technician required, You can easily setup within seconds.


  • High security - In this device you will get WPA, WPA 2 protection. Along with LAN ports any computer/tablet/laptop can easily connect by using ethernet cable for high security.


  • Heating protection - Many Routers and repeaters got damaged due to overheating. This device comes with heating protection.

RangeXTD setup

Some times new user got confused during setting up your rangeXTD but not need to worry here you will got proper guide : 

Some local repeaters are not found great in this area, In fact they can be very difficult to setup to have an endless configuration, So this can make it tough for beginners.

In this technology world all the devices are becoming more advanced, So in RangeXTD repeaters just need to push a single button and install is possible. So its’ promised that any beginner will found it very friendly to setup, So some common steps are given below - 

Via online Web browser

You can easily complete the setup in two ways via WPS button or using a online web browser just need to use rangedxtd use as URL, It will redirect you to the web-login page.

Using WPS button

  • After unboxing your RangeXTD repeater connect it with electric socket and switch it “ON”
  • Need to press the “WPS” button to start the safe encryption 
  • Now setup a connection under the main Wi-FI router setting.
  • Installation is completed (Enjoy Online browsing)
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My name is Robert Williams. I am from New York.