QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting software to handle all types of daily financial activities and generates all kinds of reports. It has been widely popular in USA, Canada, Mexico and largely used in other countries as well. Customized reports in QuickBooks is the one of the most regarded feature with this software. We can print those reports in any parameter hence it is quite easy to keep records of our financial activities as well as to print them whenever we require. But printing in QuickBooks has never been an easy task due to many complexities, ultimately decreasing the efficiency of accounting jobs . We have many QuickBooks usage methods and the problems with printing are categorized by that way. Inspite of many printing issues with it, we are required to print important reports, invoices. So, we look into many troubleshooting methods so that we fix those issues to make printing more efficient.

If we use QuickBooks with local installations, we face many challenges with its printing. Because, there are variety of printers and their drivers, many are not capable of printing different kinds of printing requirements like checks, invoices etc. For some common issues, we should try to fix them using normal printing troubleshooting steps and some others can be fixed by tweaking some system settings in registry and group policies. Intuit is already having collections of well known printing issues with their remedies, helping users to get rid in just a few moments without any expert intervention. There are many instant forums, supported by QuickBooks technical experts to provide real time fix for the issues faced by users. I would not forget one of the most popular printing issue called “Printing Alignment Problem”. This problem comes when the QuickBooks printing alignment settings are different than the used printer. This mainly occurs when we use different kinds of printers very frequently. To address this issue, we need to change the alignment settings either of local printers or QuickBooks.

The printing issues are even more when we host our QuickBooks application with any application hosting provider. Most printing problems come with hosted application due to lack of comprehensive universal printer program on the hosted server. The problems are more often due to the hosted servers are having clients connecting with different kinds of printers. Initially Microsoft has deployed native printer drive mapping solution but that has not been effective so finally the QuickBooks user and QuickBooks Hosting providers started looking for a reliable third party provider and now a days we can see a dozens of remote printing service providers. These utilities are working great and eliminating maximum issues of remote server printing so whenever you are interested into QuickBooks Hosting, you must check printing features with your QuickBooks hosting provider and then decide to go. Some of these remote printing solution have been providing solutions for all kinds of OS like Windows, MAC, and others.

So, to have a better printing functioning, we must hire IT professional having great amount of experience in printing solutions. And if we use hosted QuickBooks, we should choose our service provider having support function by 24X7 and must be using a comprehensive universal printing solution and other better printing practices. We should also ensure that our printers are capable of dealing with different printing circumstances.

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Denor is an IT analyst working with SageNext Infotech LLC, an application hosting provider dealing in tax and accounting applications hosting. He is having great exposure in Infrastructure Management and other related parameters. He has worked with so many other organizations for their cost reduction, cloud computing implementation and many other major tasks.

With SageNext Infotech LLC, he is very aggressive to simplify the usage of tax and accounting applications like QuickBooks, Quicken, PeachTree, Drake, ATX and many more. To bring SageNext Infotech LLC on the top of QuickBooks Hosting providers, Denor has played a major role.