A number of years ago, a few articles were written about how trauma from slavery and the holocaust can be passed down. What this means, then, is that it doesn’t matter how many years have passed since these things took place, as what happened can have an effect on their descendents.

Hard to Believe

For some people, this would have been hard to believe, and they may have wondered how what took place many, many years ago can still have an impact. This can be seen as someone that a rational human being would completely disregard.

What can also play a part here is that in today’s world, people are often seen as ‘individuals’ who are separate from everything else. It can then be hard to see how something that took place years ago, and hasn’t affected someone directly, can affect them at all.

Another Response

There are then going to be others who will be only too happy to hear about this, with this giving them another reason to feel like an aggrieved victim. Hearing this will have been music to their ears or the icing on the cake, so to speak.

It can also cause them to feel angry towards certain people, and to make out that they are responsible. These people won’t have played a part in what took place but it will be as though they did.

A Weapon or a Tool

It is clear that this information can be used for nefarious ends, and this is not going to make the world a better place; it will just add more pain and drama. And as being a victim is often glorified and even weaponized nowadays, adding more fuel to this fire is not going to help.

Ultimately, even if someone’s ancestors were not slaves or part of the holocaust, it doesn’t mean that nothing has been passed down to them. Just about everyone on this planet will have ancestors who suffered in one way or another; it doesn’t matter what colour their skin is or what religion they follow.

An Important Decision

If someone hears something like this, feels angry, and wants certain people to suffer, it will show that they are being controlled by how they feel. They will be identified with their mind and out of touch with their heart, which is why they will be full of judgement and unable to experience compassion and empathy.

The alternative would be for them to detach from what is taking place within them and to look into what they can do to heal the pain that is within them. It will be up to them to decide if they want to add more drama to the world or if they want to add more harmony to it.

Two Options

It is easy to behave like a programmed machine; what is not as easy is to act like a conscious human being. When it comes to the former, one will be controlled by how they feel and imprisoned by their conditioning; whereas when it comes to the latter, they will be exercising their own free will.

The idea that someone’s life can be affected by what their ancestors went through is not new; it has been around for a very long time. This was something that I first heard about around nine years ago.

Moving Forward

From my experience, I would say that ancestral trauma can be dealt with through using something called Family Constellations. A healer called Ben Ralston is someone who assists people in doing this kind of work, as is Errol Campbell.

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