At present, there are effective therapies to address chronic back pain. Back pain often stems from different reasons - poor posture, prolonged sitting or standing, muscle imbalances, and more. Over time, the vertebra along the spine compresses, which causes pressure on the spinal nerves. This leads to back pain, and the pain can radiate to other parts of the body when the nerves are pinched or compressed. Surgery to cure back pain is rather costly and may not always bring the desired results. However, spinal decompression treatment is now offered in reputable pain management centers as a solution for back pain. Is non-surgical spinal decompression effective for back pain? Does it help achieve long-term functional restoration? These are questions often asked by many pain sufferers.

Spinal Decompression – An FDA Approved Therapy

Back pain and spine related ailments are common among adults, interfering with one’s physical activity and daily life and causing a great deal of personal distress. Spinal decompression therapy is a good treatment option to rely on if you do not want to undergo surgery.

Non-surgical spinal decompression is now proven to be one of the best methods for treating back pain. This FDA approved therapy is not only effective for back pain, but also treats disorders such as:

• Sciatica
• Disc hernia
• Disc protrusion
• Foraminal stenosis
• Numbness
• Tingling
• Radiculopathy
• Spondylosis

How it Works

Spinal decompression therapy is a traction based procedure. The compressed disc is subjected to a distraction force, which is controlled by a computer. The distraction force is applied in between periods of relaxation. Slowly, the small vacuum created between the vertebrae pulls the disc back into shape. This is a treatment that proceeds at a very slow pace, but gradually the disc reshapes itself, heals, receives sufficient flow of nutrients and becomes resistant to future injuries.
The FDA approved therapy reverses nerve impairment, reduces loading of the spine and mends damaged spinal discs.

Treatment Advantages

• Virtually painless and safe
• Does not require injections or drugs
• Treatment session is brief, requiring only 30 to 45 minutes
• You can soon return to normal life and be active

For attaining effective results, repeated sessions may be necessary. Many patients who had received unsatisfactory results through treatment techniques such as bed rest, pain medication, surgery, acupuncture, traditional traction, have now achieved satisfactory results by undergoing this treatment option.

The great demand for non-surgical spinal decompression for back pain indicates the effectiveness of this treatment. Many healthcare centers are now providing this innovative procedure. By thoroughly analyzing and evaluating the medical condition of the patient, therapists at these centers formulate appropriate treatment plans to ensure quick relief from back pain.

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