When your facial features complement the size or the characteristics of your nose, there is a natural charm on your face. As the nose is the central part of your face, even minute changes to it can either enhance or disrupt your facial symmetry.

Enter the non-surgical nose reshaping, which allows people to make multiple inferred changes with prompt treatment.

What is non-surgical nose reshaping treatment?

The non-surgical nose reshaping treatment has gained in popularity in recent years because it is a very instantaneous and affordable option to enhance nasal shape. An experienced and highly-skilled facial cosmetic dermatologist can use injectable fillers to subtly transform your nasal shapes for up to a year (depending on the type of filler used).

Which fillers are best for nose reshaping?

The best fillers for you will depend on what type of result you want. Some people want to get their nostrils to look smaller, while others may want to bend a bump on the bridge; each of these conditions demands completely different qualities in a filler. It is also necessary to keep in mind that the nose is one of the complex body parts. It has some crucial features and we cannot focus on appearance while making changes: maintaining optimal functionality is the most important consideration.

Here are some of the examples of how non-surgical nose reshaping treatment in Mumbai can help you improve your nose’s appearance.

Refining the bridge of the nose

The nose reshaping treatment in Mumbai is known for its ability to intensify facial volume. Voluma filler is an excellent choice to treat the length of the nose. A mild bump or an asymmetrical nose bridge can straighten the nose by injecting Voluma, it creates a smooth appearance.

Enhancing the lower portion of the nose

Some people have incompetence with a nasal valve, such as shrunken nostrils, or complaints of a twisted tip, the cosmetic dermatologist will typically use Juvederm. In the non-surgical nose reshaping treatment, this versatile filler can do wonders. It also provides volume to the alar sill, where the nostrils coincide with the face.

Treatment for chin/jawline to enhance the appearance of the nose

It is not always the nose itself that needs attention, but a noticeable or vulnerable feature on other areas of the face can also make the nose appear too large. The non-surgical nose reshaping treatment in Mumbai is best known for offering all types of non-invasive solutions to enhance the appearance of the nose on your face.

Who is a good candidate?

If you are looking for a subtle change in appearance and not willing to enhance the features of your nose (i.e. problems with breathing, snoring) then it is a good fit for you. This option is ideal for temporarily fixing the minor imperfections on the bridge, tip, or nostrils to attain a straighter, more proportionate nose.

The best way to know if non-surgical nose reshaping is appropriate for you by visiting the best clinic that offers non-surgical nose reshaping treatment in Mumbai.

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