Combined oral contraceptives are commonly referred to as the pill, whereas the other form of oral contraceptive, progestogen-only pills, are referred to as the mini pill. While both forms of the contraceptive method are highly popular among modern women and capable of providing the users with almost complete protection from unwanted pregnancy, these two types of pills differ from each other in terms of their chemical property and composition. Since their introduction in the UK in 1961, the contraceptive pills have risen to popularity quite swiftly and right now one third of women in the UK, aged 16 to 49 years are enjoying benefits of these medications. Compared to the traditional methods of contraception, these new pills can be taken more conveniently and also doesn’t cause any serious physical complication to the users. Yasmin is a leading combined oral contraceptive pill in the UK and Cerazette, on the other hand, has become exceptionally popular as a mini-pill.

The difference between the pill and the mini-pill:

The oral contraceptive pills are extremely popular because they keep a woman free from the risk of being pregnant by simply altering the levels of sex hormones in her physical system. The two most important sex hormones are oestrogen and progestogen and they play the most crucial role in determining the process of pregnancy. A woman can only conceive when oestrogen levels reduce in her body and ovulation occurs so that it gets fertilized. Reduction in the level of progestogen allows lightening of the mucous thickness at the womb’s neck and makes it easy for a sperm to fertilize an egg. At the same time they also make the womb lining thick so that a fertilized egg can easily attach itself with it. The oral contraceptive pills, whether combined or progestogen-only, contain artificial women sex hormones that if taken increase the level of these hormones in a user’s physical system; consequently, the process of conceiving doesn’t happen at all.

How do Yasmin and Cerazette function?

Yasmin, undoubtedly, is one of the most popular combined oral contraceptives among sexually active women of the UK. This pill contains both oestrogen and progestogen and needs to be taken since the day one of your menstrual cycle till the 21st day, followed by a 7 days pill free period. While the artificial oestrogen makes your physical system believe that ovulation has already occurred by mimicking actions of the natural hormone, on the other hand, artificial progestogen increases mucous thickness at the neck of the womb. This medication, if taken properly, keeps a woman completely free from the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Cerazette is a typical progestogen-only or mini-pill that is prescribed to those women who are sensitive to artificial oestrogen. The chemical properties of this medication are especially suitable for those who are breastfeeding, have the habit of smoking (more than 15 cigarettes every day) or suffer from dysmenorrhea. However, unlike the combined pills you need to take a mini-pill like Cerazette throughout your menstrual cycle without any break.

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