“Is Mindset (attitude) 51% of Your Daily Success?”
• 1. “Want Three-Proven-Tips on Who You Can Trust & Follow to Double Your Income in 2014?”

• 2. “Do You Look, Speak, & Act Like A Professional Expert?”

• 3. “Who Has More HOPE, Successful folks or Strugglers?”

• 4. “Are You a Skeptic About Doubling your 2014 Income?”

• 5. “Waiting for a Guarantee to Double your income for 2014?”

• 6. “Is Online success More than ‘Point-Click-&-Collect’ the Money?”

• 7. “Do You Want ‘Tricks-Tips-&-Short-cuts? Forgettaboutit”

• 8. “Do Normal-Average-Regular people make money Online? Was Steve Jobs Normal?”

• 9. How many executives like their career? One National Poll says 18%. There’s Room-At-The-Top for you.”

• 10. “Have You Peaked (thrown-in-the-towel) in your advancement?

• 11. “Do you want your career to ROLL-OUT?
Is 2014 going to be ‘Same-Old, Same-Old?”

• 12. “Which would turn-on your career in 2014?
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b) How to Read-&-Remember 300-pages-daily - permanently?

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