Lower abdomen pain seems very common in today's society. After a whole day's work, many office workers may feel lower abdomen pain. At early stage, they may not pay much attention to this problem, since it can fade away quickly. But doctors point out that this kind of pain may be a signal of prostatitis. So is lower abdomen pain related to prostatitis?

Commonly, prostatitis can be classified into two types, which are acute prostatitis and chronic prostaitis. Lower abdomen pain is the characteristic symptom of prostatitis. In addition, patients may have urethral burning when urinating, frequent and urgent urination. Painful feeling and discomforts can involve penis, spermatic cord, testis scrotum, abdomen, groin area, thigh, rectum and other places in man's body.

The symptoms of patients with chronic prostatitis vary, and patients with acute prostatitis may have no symptom. However, the majority of patients can feature perineal or rectal pain and mild discomfort.

Experts point out that prostatitis can lead to low abdomen pain due to a number of factors.

1. Not have normal sex life.

Having too much sex and being interrupted during sex can cause abnormal congestion in the prostate gland. But that sexual life is excessively limited can also trigger long-time automatic excitement, causing passive congestion thereby, which is also one of the reasons that prostatitis leads to low abdominal pain.

2. Catch a cold

Catching a cold may make the sympathetic nerve excited, bringing about increased pressure inside the urethra and prostatic canal contractions which can hinder prostatic fluid excretion, thus producing prostatic congestion and leading to low abdominal pain.

3. Have too much massage.

Massage can help people relax, but having too much massage is not really helpful for human body. External stimulation caused by inappropriate prostatic massage, such as excessive or too hard manipulation, can cause prostatic congestion, thus leading to prostatitis and low abdominal pain.

4. Be affected by chemical factors in urine

Stimulation in urine usually comes from chemical factors. The urine contains a variety of acid and alkaline chemicals. When the patient has local neuroendocrine disorders, it can cause high pressure of the posterior urethra. If the opening of the prostate gland is damaged, it will make uric acid and other irritant chemicals go back into the prostate, causing chronic prostatitis.

When you are diagnosed with prostatitis, you should take it seriously and get proper treatment in time. In the early stage, antibiotics can be used in most cases. But when it comes to chronic prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be an available method for patients. It can effectively treat inner cause of prostatitis, improve man’s urogenital health and eliminate all pain and discomfort without any side effects.

In daily life, if you have some bad symptoms for several days, don’t hesitate to go to the hospital for consulting. You should also pay more attention to your living habits. Doing more exercise and eating more nutritious foods can help you protect prostate gland.

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