Is living together a good idea? by Beth Shepherd psychic. You really cannot give a black and white answer to this question as if one size fits all. There are lots of people who would benefit from it, just as many who would not, and just as many who would benefit from it with the right person but struggle with one of the others.

For an arrangement where two live together as a couple there has to be some sort of foundation. This might be love, passion, friendship, it might be that they both want to settle down and have a family and see this as the next step, and it might be that they are both needing each other for some reason - health, finances or whatever. When both need each other this makes it harder to make a rational decision about it, the need can take over and sometimes people forget that it is still better to say no, and continue to see each other instead, or to hold out for a different and better person or both.

Beth Shepherd knows that the more independent you are the less likely you are to benefit and thrive if you are living with someone. But sometimes there are different types of independence. You may be very independent in practical and financial ways but not in emotional ones. You might want to be with someone because you have never had a normal family life. You might be very keen on having children - perhaps this is really what matters - yet in order to do that you feel you must also embrace the partner and live with them. This is not always necessary or best.

Some people find it easier to be on their own and to spend time alone. Some find it hard to be around others a lot. Some hate solitude and others thrive on it. All of these things can come into your decision making. If you are going to be living in a very small apartment then it might be hard to be constantly together in the same room, but if you are living in an enormous sprawling house it is easy to live under the same roof without having to always be in each other's space.

Beth Shepherd says that another thing you ought to think about before settling down together is that some are introverts and some extroverts. One may want to go out partying all of the time the other might prefer to read a book. Is this a problem?

Then there are finances. It is easy for the unemployed one or the one who only has a small part time badly paid job to suggest pooling financial resources together but they have nothing to lose. The one who earns the most and works the hardest might end up feeling as if they are with some sort of gold digger or sponger. And if you do not have similar attitudes to work and lifestyle it will all go wrong anyway.

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Beth Shepherd offers many years of experience as a psychic tarot reader, therapist and relationship expert.