The ketogenic diet is a low-carb meal plan promising you significant weight loss while also giving you a healthier body. By all accounts, the “keto” diet is widely known as the ‘Quick fix’.

Best Ketogenic Diet Foods
ketogenic diet

If you’re looking to try the ketogenic diet good or bad here is the list of foods that make up the keto diet plan:

Seafood and fish
Low carb veggies
Poultry and eggs
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Greek Yoghurt

How is it good?

A high-fat diet can look very scary. You must be thinking aren’t we supposed to cut out fat from our diet? That’s the bad stuff. Well, ketogenic diet, although high fat based has many benefits which are as follows:

A first major and popular benefit is weight loss.

Reduce Hunger-Inducing Hormones
It causes weight-loss because ketogenic foods are consumed to fill the belly up and reduce hunger-inducing hormones.

Combat Acne
It also helps to reduce acne because of lesser carbohydrates entering the body.

Lowers Risk of Cancer
Ketogenic diets are also helpful in reducing the risk of some specific cancers.

Regulates Insulin levels
It also helps in keeping insulin levels in control.

Prevents Heart Diseases
An adequately managed keto diet good or bad is also known to reduce the chances of getting heart diseases by lowering the total level of cholesterol.

Improves Mental Health
This diet also empowers neurons and improves mental health, although the exact/full effect of these benefits remains unknown.

Energy Management
The diet gets its name due to inducing ‘ketosis’ which is a process related to energy management of the body.

Lessens Seizures
It can lessen seizures with the effect being more apparent on children.

Helps with PCOS
This diet is also healthy for people with PCOS.

How is it bad ?
No diet is the perfect diet. The same case is with keto. Many studies show that keto can cause adverse side effects. These adverse effects caused because of keto include:

Kidney stones
Some people have experienced this problem after going on a keto diet.

Excess protein in the blood
For some people, a ketogenic diet can mess up the blood protein levels.

Mineral and vitamin deficiencies
As it is a high-fat based diet, you are basically missing out on many minerals and vitamins. You can quickly get deficiencies if you are on a keto diet.

Consuming less fibre and taking food with high-fat content can lead to constipation.

You may also feel drained while on a keto diet. Consuming fewer carbs will leave you with lesser energy, ultimately leading to fatigue.

Low blood sugar
You may also see a drop in your blood sugar level. Keto works both ways for some, it helps regulate blood sugar levels, while for others, it messes the levels altogether.

Nausea & Vomiting
Another con people on ketogenic diet experience are nausea and vomiting. Feeling lightheaded and wanting to puke is a side effect of keto.

Some people report having headaches for no reason since switching to a keto diet.

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