Maybe you’re looking for T.H.E. strategy that will create the shift you desire in your life. But if you’re using Stinkin’ Thinkin’, you’ll stay frustrated.

“Just show me the strategy that will create my desired outcome!” you say.

Here’s a question: Have you fully decided to succeed, win, shift, be happy—whatever your wording is here—or have you decided to embrace struggle?

If that question sounds counterintuitive, I ask you, what are you feeling and experiencing right now? Is it aligned with a successful outcome, or struggle and frustration? If you aren’t aligned with success or your desired outcome, by default you are aligned with struggle.

You may not know every step to take, but you know a good number of steps right now; but lets put steps aside for now. If nothing is shifting, it’s because of how you’re thinking. You can follow the world’s most foolproof, sure-thing strategy or method, but if your thinking, your focus is about failing, you haven’t decided to succeed. And be clear: this decision is not energized with struggle, etc. It’s positive and empowered by this.

If you’re frustrated, confused, stressed . . . maybe you need to get angry—not massively, just a bit will do . . . just enough to pull yourself out of mental and emotional stagnation. Just enough to say, “Maybe I don’t have all the answers right now, but I decide NOW to align with what I truly desire rather than what I don’t.” When you are 100 percent aligned with having it, it’s yours.

Lynne Forrest says in her book, Guiding Principles For Life Beyond Victim Consciousness: “The more we resist something the bigger it gets.” She suggests we question our thoughts and beliefs rather than trust they’re true. Even when we kind of know to do this, we still let negative thoughts that create negative feelings go unquestioned, unchallenged.

If you’ve been running around in mental circles trying to figure out what you can do about something, or you’re taking action of the busywork kind rather than action that leads to your desired outcome, how about if you just stop for a short while. Why stop? So you can relax enough to see how you are embracing struggle and are standing outside of your true power . . . so you can question a few thoughts and beliefs that don’t support you.

Running around like crazy (especially in your mind) is not powerful. It depletes your power and energy, as you already know.

Here’s a T.H.E. type of thing that many are not using as a strategy: Having Fun—more fun with your life, fun with your business, fun with your relationships, fun with whatever you do during your day.

Maybe you don’t take real time off each week. When you have non-working moments, what are you doing? You’re Stressing! During your working moments, what are you doing? You’re stressing!

Stress, struggle, frustration are not what you want to direct Law of Manifestation to send you more of. And it really, really won’t argue with you. It will just follow your energy as instructions as what you expect more of—and it’ll obediently send it your way.

Venting is something we all need to do so we can hear what we’re thinking, and so our feelings can be validated (we hope) by others who care about us. Complaining is not venting; and the more you repeat the same material to yourself and/or others, the more you get to experience more of the same. The Law of Manifestation works that way. There is no way around that.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly feel happy when your life or some aspect of it is not where you want it to be, get a little bit angry—just enough to move yourself up a notch from where you are now, if that’s what it takes for you to make a better choice. Whatever is going on is going on. What you’re thinking about it is up to you. Find what works for you to get into that happier inner place, which is the energy that attracts manifestation of desired outcomes.

Look at your thoughts and beliefs, and if one occurs like, “Geez, I haven’t been . . .” regarding what you could’ve been doing but haven’t, shift it to, “I think it’s a very good idea to now . . .”

Make the decision: Struggle or Success? Commit. Be flexible. Have fun. Relax. Rest. Challenge your Stinkin’ Thinkin’ more than it challenges you.

You are what you practice.
© Joyce Shafer

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