In the beginning you may feel like “Only I can do it this way.” But, there’s a concept called the “Glass Ceiling” in business where you can’t go any higher because there’s only so much you can do yourself. The business gets so complex that you will actually need to simplify.

It’s kind of like nature which goes in cycles right? It goes like this – chaos, simplicity, chaos, simplicity, chaos, simplicity. And that’s what happens in business too. As you apply the Client Attraction techniques, over time you’ll hit the glass ceiling and you cannot break through it by working harder. Seriously, stop a moment and take that in. That’s really important to acknowledge. If you try to address this by working harder, that’s when you can potentially make yourself sick. No one wants that.

The key to get through this is to simplify and that requires bringing someone new on board. They do not have to be an employee. The person could be an independent contractor or an unpaid intern so you don’t have to worry about the taxes right away and can work up to that.

Once you add someone to your staff, you can work with them in a number of ways:

- You can teach them how to do a part of what you do

- You can have them do that part with you for a client

- You can send the person ahead to get it done before you get there or have them work on this alone at your office

- You can delegate a variety of tasks that are repetitive to free yourself up to generate more revenue

- You can have them work virtually at their own location

It will take some time to get used to working with another person. You’ll have to be more organized to prepare so the person has everything she needs to get the work done. And you‘ll have to get to know each other’s styles and work habits. But once you get in the swing, you’ll start getting so much more done you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make this empowering change.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Is it time for you to bring someone new into your business? Look at the number of hours you work a week. Think about how you spend your time. If you are wishing you had another person just like you, it’s time to seriously consider looking for help. Give yourself permission to bring on a staff member and enjoy watching your business grow to new levels.

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