During the recession and these times of economic hardships is there still a way to earn decent money without having to work two or three jobs?  Peoples wages seem to have frozen or even been reduced in some extreme cases , pay rises are now few and far between and Interest rates are at an all time low, which is good for people paying off mortgages and applying for loans but not so good for people with savings as their money isn't earning what it used to earn,  this only leaves one option, investments.

Although, the question on everyone's lips at the moment is 'is it still safe to make investments?' well, there is a short and a long  answer to this question, short answer is that all investments whether traditional or alternative have some type of risk involved with them and if you can't really afford to lose your money then you shouldn't be investing it in the first place, many high end investors can lose millions on a single bad investment while offsetting this against the many good investments that they have made, when they lose out it isn't their life savings only their dispensable  invested funds that suffer.

The long answer to this question is 'yes, it is safe as long as you are cautious.  So how do you make sure that your making  good Investments and not being taken for a ride by a smooth talking boiler room salesman or falling for some kind of land or property scam you found advertised in the back of a newspaper? well, the answer is very simple, Don't let the investment come to you go out and look for a good, secure investment and do your own research, it's not 1980, we now have the internet to help us make good informed decisions and any investment that your thinking about being a part of should be investigated thoroughly as should the company or agent handling the investment on your behalf.  

There are now many Impartial Investment News and Alternative Investments websites that give good, unbiased information regarding many of the most popular investments currently available to both businesses and individuals and these websites should be the first place a savvy investor  looks, This is because they don't simply focus on a single investment or investment type and usually cover a whole range of different investment markets from international property and land investments such as minha casa minha vida to investing in diamonds, art and even fine wines, these websites can also help in choosing an investment that is right for you as you may only want to invest short term.   

So are these websites safe for us to use, aren't we just trusting another third party with our hard earned money?  It shouldn't really be an issue as an Impartial Investment News or Alternative Investments website should not be taking money off you directly, avoid any that try to do as a legitimate unbiased website should simply be there to give unbiased information and provide you with a means of contacting the company who is offering the investment, by either allowing you download their brochure of giving you a link to their website.

It also goes without saying that your should avoid any online  companies asking you for any kind of registration fee so they can find you the right investment, its a scam don't fall for it.

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