It’s been a long time since the world was as terrified for their health as they have been in the past year. This pandemic is taken a toll on us, not just the stress due to fear for our health, but the stress of the economy being upside down, the economy itself being upside down is a fact, and so much more.

Our inability to live our normal lives can take a real toll on our health. The lack of social interaction, and the simple lack of normality can really put us through the ringer. In a place like Singapore, where social interaction is such a major part of the culture, as well as traditions both in business and impersonal life, this has been especially bad.

What about health screenings? Surely, by now, it’s safe, isn’t it? Well, it’s safer than it was a couple months ago by a long shot, but it’s actually going to be a good bit after the wide distribution of the vaccine, something that has an entirely happened yet, before it’s truly safe. It takes a long time for the vaccines to do their job, which is to drive a disease into extinction. Those who receive the vaccine will be safe, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not transmittable to those with compromised immune systems, and there will always be a small portion of the population that are legitimately allergic to certain components in vaccines, though these people are actually extraordinarily rare on a numerical level.

I’ve been vaccinated, do I still need to visit a health screening clinic in Singapore?

First of all, if you’ve accepted and received the coronavirus vaccine, I applaud you for doing your part, and not buying into all of these ridiculous and, let’s be honest, utterly stupid claims about vaccines being harmful. Everybody who has even a fundamental education in biology and health as well aware of how vaccines work, and anyone who takes five seconds to read about the ailments that vaccines are claims to cause, no full well that vaccines can’t actually induce these illnesses.

However, just because you are safe from the virus itself, this doesn’t mean that you should visit a health screening clinic Singapore. For one, the stress that you have experienced during this pandemic can lead to various complications that you may be unaware of so far. These can include a poor night’s sleep due to stress-induced sleep apnea, various digestive problems that haven’t quite emerged yet, as well as various hormonal and neurochemical imbalances.

I am healthy, why would I need a health screening Singapore?

Okay, let’s say that the stress of the past year hasn’t fazed you, your vaccinated against that nasty virus, and you are experiencing absolutely no symptoms of poor health, including fitness issues. I envy you on the latter, being a little out of shape myself. However, human bodies are complicated things, and various environmental variables will forever be messing with your status quo. So, with health screening clinics being widely available throughout Singapore, with little to no cost to you, even if you aren’t a citizen of Singapore yourself, there is no reason not to get at least a checkup every six months, and stay on top of your health. Please remember, you are worth a lot more than you think, and no matter how alone you may think you are, someone loves and cares about you, and you owe it to them and to yourself to make sure that you are all right at all times!

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