Some sexually transmitted infections can be passed on orally, so it’s a good idea to put on a condom for oral sex. Flavoured condoms would be the same strength as well as gone through the same rigorous testing as the normal condoms so you shouldn’t worry about it at all. There is a chance of the condom breaking or tearing if the girl is actually biting or chewing on the condom as part of the oral sex. It is a good idea to change the condom before vaginal penetration. In addition, flavoured condoms that contain sugar could throw off the pH level inside of a girl’s vagina (leading to yeast infections), so make sure they are sugar-free!

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Dr. Martha Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She is a certified sexologist with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. She provides sexuality and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, conducts sexual education workshops and speaks at public events. For more, visit or email