The eye is a very special part of the body. It provides the eyesight when in perfect condition. However, the eye is very sensitive. It is vulnerable to infections since it is highly exposed. When seeking for medication to grow the eyelashes, search for a safe product. There are countless products in the market used for growing the eye lashes. However, some of them are never safe. That is why buyers should be aware of such products. Some drugs for instance offer promises that seem too good to be true. There is a high probability that such products are never genuine. Learn how to differentiate between the genuine and fake product brand of lash growth treatment.

  • The difference

The first manufacturers of Generic Latisse products always provide the best product. Before they are allowed to offer the product to the public, a series of clinic researches are done. The purpose of the research is to find out if the product is safe for human use or not. The manufacturer takes responsibilities for the side effects of the product on the users. Hence, this forces the manufacturer to provide quality drugs to the target clients. Production of poor quality drugs will culminate in a ban of their products. That will be devastating since they will not have a market for the bimatoprost and other products. The frauds that manufacture fake brands never care about the quality of the drug or its safety. The operators of such manufacturing plants focus on siphoning cash from unsuspecting individuals. There schemes are successful when dealing with individuals that are not cautious. However, the brand of the fake products is distinct with genuine ones. They have a slight resemblance but a huge difference. It takes a careful look to identify the difference. When purchasing the product, focus on the brand. That makes knowing the trademark of the genuine product essential. The genuine latise medication has an expiry date too. The generic latisse is directly sold via the offices of the physicians or licensed drugstores.

  • Foreign produced products

To be assured of getting safe products, it is wise to acquire the locally produced ones. However, that does not mean that imported drugs are not good. However, imported drugs are not made according to the rules and regulations of the FDA. Some countries lack ineffective rules that manage production of drugs. Hence, there is no guarantee their drugs are safer. After being shipped in the country, compliance with the regulations of the state might cause problems. Hence, there is less oversight for imported Bimatoprost. That is why most experts admonish their clients to prefer the locally made drugs. They might be more expensive when compared to imported ones. However, they are strictly made according to the FDA regulations. That makes them safer for the users.

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The people intending to use the treatment for eye lashes growth have a chance of getting a genuine product. However, they must be very selective to avoid fake products. Being guided by the product brand is a good idea.