What is Italy famous for? In other nations, this could be a hard question but in Italy, it is pretty clear with the people staying here. Italy is popular for its famous drama: Romeo & Juliet, famous for Italian pizzas or is it because of their flashy accent?
With more than 46 million visitors per year, Italy is the fifth largest country with most tourists in the world. We could name a million famous things about Italy, but it would take us forever so we are going to make it quicker and concise on all the things why Italy is famous.
Italy is one of the most artistic countries, which means they have a lot of important monuments and statues as well. Their architecture is unique and goes through all the possible styles from the ancient ruins to the most modern buildings. Some of the popular monuments of Italy are the colosseum, wonder of the world, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of David Michelangelo, Rialto bridge of Venice and many more.
One of the most popular things in Italy is its food. Believe it or not, if you are well versed in the Italian language and visit Italy as a tourist to eat the famous Italian food. We can guarantee that Italian food has been tasted by every individual, which means that Italian gastronomy is either the best or one of the best. There are varieties of dishes one can order in any Italian restaurant but some of the most typical Italian dishes that you will see at every single menu is the traditional Italian pizza. Pizza is always number one and no one will find the best pizzas as good as the ones you can find in Italy. The fundamentals of the Italian pizza are the mass of the bread and the tomato, make sure you order one for yourself when you at Italy.
Another famous dish is the Authentic Italian pasta: one should definitely try the pasta or spaghetti in general where the chefs are using many sauces on different types of Pasta, but one more thing you should definitely try is the spaghetti alla Bolognese that is utterly delicious!
Facts about the Italian language: One of the things Italy is well known for is its language. “Who hasn’t heard at least once about the Italiano?” In Italy, the Italian language is not the only one used in the country but there are almost 34 dialects and languages in Italy. Another amazing fact about the Italian language is that is the closest and more similar to Latin.
In addition, the last thing we need to mention when talking about what inspires people about Italy is their history. Everyone is familiar with the tragic romances stretching back to antiquity is the Italian tale name, Romeo and Juliet. The tale that has wooed away numerous people who have watched the tale or read about it.

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