Presenting your nice exterior deck a smooth synthetic turf is an effective and hassle-free way of spurring up your outdoor space. Not only will it transform the appearance of the front yard for the family to enjoy together, but will also help boost up the overall property value.

But the big question here is:- “Is It Feasible To Lay Artificial Grass On The Exterior Deck?” Truth be told, installing artificial turf on a deck surface is very easy.

All one has to do is ensure their deck surface is appropriately installed along with the right measures to prevent deck rotting. Decks always prove to be an apt surface to lay the artificial turf as both restrictions of weed and drainage factors are already accounted for.

Furthermore, laying artificial grass on their shoddy looking deck presents a more natural looking space.

How To Install Artificial Turf To The Deck?

Usually, an artificial turf installation would involve the application of a weed barrier along with a shock pad layer. 

Shock pad layer adds extra softness to the deck layer and makes it suitable for kids to play with either their friends or even Fido. These pads come in a thickness of 10mm, 18mm and even 25mm, and can even withstand a fall from a height of 2.6m. 

Once these are put, then comes the artificial grass layer. No specific dig-outs needed here. The surface, however needs to be brushed properly, even powder blown to eliminate moss, debris prior to applying the weed barrier.

While laying down the synthetic turf, it is also important to staple down the perimeter for a seamless installation.

The dicey part here is knowing if the deck is fit for the artificial layer- especially when at times they appear well on the surface, but are not.

So, to determine if the deck is in proper condition; one should summon a licensed synthetic turf installation expert in Mandurah to check it out. Off-course they could charge a few extra, and one needs to be prepared for that.

Possible Turf Installations To Choose:

The dream of having a lush green lawn right outside the house is now very much possible! There are so many synthetic turf installers in the region who are ready to take control of all installation responsibilities.

They Even Offer Artificial Turf Varieties Like:

Crown Artificial Turf Installation:

With pile height- 38mm, tuft gauge-3/8inch, stitch rate-20/10cm, Mono-filament and with double layers of black latex backing.

Buffalo Artificial Turf Installation:

Pile height-35mm, tuft gauge- 3/8-inch, stitch rate 16/10mm, Mono-filament with curls of yellow and green.

 Normal Grass Turf Installation:

Pile height- 35mm, tuft gauge-3/8-inch, stitch rate 16/10, double layers black latex backing and in dark +light mineral green colour.

Final Words:

So, now that it’s established that grassy turf installation is possible in home decks find a notable artificial turf installation expert in Mandurah and get the project underway.

The best thing about hiring them is that they will always keep their rates as per the industry standards. Thus their packages will prove to be cost-effective for all types of clients.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a professional artificial turf installation expert in Mandurah for some time now. Over the years, the author has performed several installations and landscaping and educates the readers on different roles of a synthetic turf installation expert in Mandurah.