This is something Dr. Marina Krepkh and our pediatric dentists at the Kids Dentistry Center are often asked, both by concerned parents and by kids who are worried about having braces. There are a few common questions we hear and we’ve listed some of them, and their answers below.

We often use fixed braces to correct the position of children’s and teenager’s teeth, simply because they can frequently provide the very best results. Fixed braces consist of brackets that are precisely positioned on the teeth before being glued into place. Afterwards thin wires are attached to the brackets and the tension created by these wires will gradually move the teeth. Having the brackets put onto your teeth should not hurt at all, but a few hours after they have been fixed in place then it’s possible you will feel some discomfort.

The degree of discomfort experienced can vary from person to person, as for some having braces will not hurt at all, while others may experience quite a bit more discomfort. We can talk to you about this during your appointment to have your braces fitted, as any discomfort should be controlled with age appropriate, over-the-counter painkillers.

Will My Discomfort Go Away Once My Braces Have Been on for a While?
Once your braces have been on for a few days then any discomfort should begin to subside. This is because your teeth will have begun to move position, reducing the tension created by your braces. If you find your braces are still uncomfortable to wear after a while, contact our dental practice as we can adjust your braces to reduce the discomfort.

Will My Braces Hurt After They Have Been Tightened?
After your braces have been tightened you will generally experience more discomfort as they will be applying additional pressure on your teeth. However this is likely to be less than when they were first fitted. Any discomfort will usually disappear after the first twenty four hours or so and should have subsided within two or three days. After that, everything should feel fine until they next need tightening.

Will It Hurt to Have My Braces Removed?
Having your braces removed shouldn’t hurt a bit and in fact is the day when you can finally see the results of all your hard work and perseverance. Generally, the wires will be removed first before the brackets are taken off your teeth. The brackets should come off without any problems. Afterwards we will check to make sure all the glue has been removed from your teeth and if necessary will gently polish them.

The idea of getting braces may seem a lot to deal with, but the reality is that they will only be on your teeth for a relatively short period of time. The benefits of having orthodontic treatment can far outweigh the inconvenience of wearing them and treatment should leave you with a beautiful and attractive smile that you will be proud to show.

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