You all know the procedure when you’re on a plane. The flight attendant stands in front and tells you how to put on your oxygen mask and proceeds to tell you that in case of an emergency put your mask on first before doing anything else or helping anyone else. We all know why she gives us these instructions. It’s not brain surgery, its common- sense. Everyone knows you can’t help your loved ones, if you can’t breathe.

I’m also sure that you have seen talk shows about taking care of yourself first, by eating right, exercising, getting plenty of rest and taking time out for you, so that you can take care of others in the best possible way.

But, I’ve never heard of anyone telling moms to find their passion, pursue it and to put it first. I just question if this is an okay thing to do. I mean think about it. Many of us work or will soon have to work so that we can make a living. If we are working at something we can’t stand or something that is so toxic we are not functioning to the best of our abilities, is this okay? I don’t think so.

Think about how many hours in your life time will you be working? My guess is, a lot of hours.

That is why I believe if you are not working at something you are passionate about, then it’s time to put your dreams ahead of others and figure it out. I know it sounds selfish to put you first, but hear me out here.

* When you start taking action to follow your dreams, you are giving your children permission to follow their dreams.

* When you start taking action to follow your dreams, you can wholeheartedly give advice and help not only your children, but other moms on how to do the same.

* When you start taking action to follow your dreams, you begin to live in alignment with who you really are, which will bring a natural sense of balance and adventure to your life.

* When you start taking action to follow your dreams, time will begin to melt away, and you won’t have time to gripe and complain. And when this happens, you’ll be happier and everyone around you will be happier too.

That’s the beauty of putting yourself first. If you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. This could be a major life change for you if you’re just starting out and getting in touch with your authentic self. However, if you begin to take those dreams out of that old dusty box in the attic and begin to reveal what they once were and what they are today, that is a great start toward working at what you love.

Whether you take small steps or giant leaps, putting your dreams in work and life first can have many benefits. I’m not telling you to ignore your children, because you now have to eat right, exercise, make time for yourself and your dreams. You can learn how to integrate these things into your life and the life of your family.

What I am telling you is to make time for yourself in all areas of your life and in this case your passions and your authentic self. It’s time to start focusing on creating work that makes a difference in your world and the lives of others.

Author's Bio: 

Michaela Sibanda works with moms who are challenged by finding joyful work and who really want work that pays the bills, feeds the soul and is flexible. What makes her service unique and creates successful outcomes is that she is a licensed Profiting from your Passions Coach and a mom who knows what it feels like to be torn between family and work. She also knows what it feels like to dread the 8 to late grind. She uses the life-first/work-second approach to career planning. And because of this her clients get clear about work opportunities that FIT who they REALLY ARE and the life they'd like to live. She knows you can share their same success. Go to to get your FREE copy of the Create Work That You Love Workbook today.