Nowadays, it is important to document everything; you will never know when they would get handy. Before, logging calls can be pretty tricky and demanding, especially if it's a brief call and you weren't able to get the chance to ask for the caller's return number or name. Logging call history also means writing every caller's name and number on paper to make sure everything is documented for future reference.

Now, logging a call has never been as easy as before. On one hand, when somebody calls you, that caller’s name and number are automatically logged on your device. You can view call history at any time. On the other hand, if you are an employer and want to know who your employees are calling in the office, you may turn to a third-party app to log their call history remotely.

However, the question is what are the benefits of keeping a record of call history to a business? Is it an important feature that can make employee management easy? Will it harm employees’ confidence and trust to the company? Or is it something in conflict with our privacy therefore it is considered unnecessary?

Benefits of Logging Employees’ Call History in Business

In the business world, employee management is important to make sure that everything is well arranged. It is through proper and organized management where the productivity of a certain business can be assessed.

The most significant benefit of logging employees’ call history is that it makes employee management much more convenient. You will be able to know employee’s phone calls easily without them realizing.

Assess Employees’ Productivity and Performance

Logging call history in business allows the manager or business heads to monitor the quality of the phone calls made and received by the employees. They will be able to monitor the efficiency of every phone call and give them a clear forecast on how much employees spend on every minute of the call, how much is considered productive, and how much is not.

In businesses that involve a lot of phone calls or where the primary purpose of the business is taking or giving calls, logging calls is imperative. The call history can give them a clear picture of work volumes for their employees, and the data collected can help them improve areas to work on. Like in the sales department, based on who your agents are calling, they will be able to monitor which area or group of people are potential clients or future patrons.

Are All Calls Made for Business Purpose?

You’ll be able to monitor if all the calls made within the company are purely for business transactions only. You don’t want to pay for any excess that is not business-related unless there’s a plausible explanation behind it.

Are There any Insider Threats?

In many cases, insider threats are more difficult to detect than outsider threats. They pretend to work wholeheartedly for the company’s benefits, but they may be ready to do something dangerous to the company in an unexpected time. Especially, for companies that provide their employees with mobile devices, detecting insider threats seems urgent and necessary. Logging call history on company issued devices may help employers find out potential problems. You will be relieved knowing that your employees don’t leak the confidential business information to competitors.

Something that Should Raise Employers’ Attention

Although logging employees’ call history seems necessary and useful for employers, one thing cannot be overlooked. That is, employers had better remind their staff that they will monitor employees’ call history remotely.

On one hand, employees will feel that they are respected and trusted by the company. On the other hand, employees will know the real usage of the company-offered device and won’t use it for non-work related purposes, such as chatting with friends and family.

Benefits of Logging Children’s Call History at Home

Running a household is just like what you do in a business; it may be subjected to some rules and regulations followed by strict implementations. However, logging call history at home may not be as technical as the reason for business. Regardless, here are some of the reasons why you should do still:

Know Your Children Better

You’ll be able to check who your kids are talking to. Since the name, number, and sometimes, the email are indicated, you can have a copy of your kids’ friends contact number so you can call them or their parents just in case something came along; may it be good or bad.

Protect Children from Potential Dangers

No more prank callers or stalkers for your children since now you are able to check their records. These can even help you when you’ve decided to file a case in court for stalking.

Logging call history whether for business or at home, can be very useful in monitoring activities. Because of its invaluable benefits, apps such as iKeyMonitor have been made readily available in the market. It has an advance selection of features that can suit every business and home needs.

Make a bold move and start documenting every important transaction of your life by logging call history.

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