Have you been experiencing a drop in energy levels? Is there trouble in paradise when it comes to the bedroom? Have your moods been unpredictable? If you are a man enduring these symptoms, consider a visit to an Atlanta doctor to discuss testosterone replacement therapy. As men age, testosterone levels will fluctuate. In some cases, this is much more noticeable than in others. Low testosterone can affect men of any age, but once you pass the age of 30, your chances of experiencing low t are greatly increased. Symptoms include a loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and fatigue. Add depression to the mix and no one is happy about the changes brought on by this change in the body.

Low testosterone therapy and other forms of hormone treatment may be the answer you’ve been looking for. However, it’s important to see a physician to ensure you’re prescribed the proper amount of testosterone in a safe and manageable way. Self-medicating could result in choosing products that are harmful to one’s health. A blood test will be order after a consultation to determine if there truly are low testosterone levels at the root of the problem.

From that point, testosterone therapy could be recommended. There are many safe ways, under the direction and care of a doctor, to pursue testosterone treatment. Gels can be applied, there are patches for the skin and mouth, or injections and implants. The doctor will discuss your symptoms and all of your options. You’ll be well-informed of possible side effects and beneficial results. It is important to discuss any other medications and health conditions to ensure there are no complications. Once an appropriate therapy has been selected, you will begin to feel the difference. If low testosterone levels are not the problem, the doctor will help you to pinpoint what is causing your symptoms and possible remedies.

You do have options when it comes to choosing the best hormone therapy clinic. Thankfully, there are hormone therapy clinics that offer multi-city treatment options throughout the country. Hormone therapy clinics like Ehormones MD have locations in over 30 cities, so chances are there’s a location in your own backyard.

Getting started is easy. You can fill out the online form with ease or simply pick up the phone. A receptionist will be happy to assist you in setting an appointment at your convenience. Stop putting off a visit. Come to the doctor and find peace of mind as you discover what is happening in your body. Testosterone replacement therapy could make a world of difference, making you feel young again and putting you back on track.

How Can Low Testosterone Impact Your Life?

Low testosterone affects life quality in several ways. Sexual ability and drive are both reduced by low levels. Depression, anxiety and various other mental and physical problems are also caused or worsened by low T. Below is a deeper look at how a deficiency of this hormone can impact the lives of men.

Reduced Sexual Enjoyment

Erectile dysfunction and low libido are both strongly associated with low testosterone levels. These issues make sexual intercourse less likely to happen, but they also reduce sexual pleasure for men. Since performance is also decreased, couples affected by low T are at risk for problems when it comes to intimacy.

Mood Swings

Depression is four times as likely to occur in men with low T. Worry, anxiety and low self-esteem are also common. In some cases, men wonder if these problems are being imagined. Significant others may worry that they are to blame. These problems are often associated with old age in men, but they’re actually caused by declining testosterone levels.

Poor Sleep Quality

Low T increases sensitivity to stress and results in lower dopamine levels. These issues make insomnia and restlessness more likely to occur, and both are associated with poorer sleep quality. Finally, men with low T also get less of the deep sleep they need for recuperation from mental and physical exertion.

Poor Exercise Tolerance

Men with low T are less able to tolerate exercise, especially strength training, compared to men with normal levels. Recovery from exercise is hampered, making it difficult for men to build lean mass. Strength and size increases also dissipate quickly.

All of the above problems can be resolved with low T treatment. For best results, men should contact an anti-aging or hormone therapy clinic or physician for the best possible advice. Call today to learn more about low T treatment.

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