Pursuing an MBA after engineering has become a trend among engineers. In fact, most of the toppers of management entrance exams like CAT are engineers. Earning a professional business degree, or an MBA can have a number of both expected and unexpected benefits in your life. In fact, those benefits often extend beyond your career and professional goals and are applicable to your non-work life as well.

Does a question arise why an engineer choose to pursue an MBA?

The most important question that most of you are facing is whether MBA is a must after engineering? Today we see that 70-80% of the students appearing for the Common Admission Test (CAT) exam are engineers and in most of the cases, it is not even a well-thought decision but an act of going with the flow.

The reasons why engineers choose to pursue an MBA

1. Many Engineering students Loses their interest halfway through the course and field, so decides to go for an MBA degree further.
2. The realisation that in India, Engineering student gets less paid than MBA in any company.
3. Engineer finds it quite easy to crack CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, and other MBA entrance exams. All these exams need excellent quantitative aptitude and reasoning skills which for an engineering student is like a cakewalk.
4. Btech graduates who are not interested in MTech choose MBA for further studies.
5. Many Students have a conversation with their friends, and as they do an MBA so they too decide to do an MBA while clearing CAT.
6. Lack of enough job Opportunities in India is another reason for engineering student to choose MBA.
7. Engineering is considered a "safe bet". Following it up with an MBA is the "safest bet."

Benefits of studying MBA after Engineering

1. An engineer who sounds excellent in Technical and wants to move the hierarchy can pursue an MBA to transition easily to a managerial role.
2. An engineer who builds good products and wants to become an entrepreneur could sharpen his/her skills by doing an MBA. DOing MBA will help him/her to manage the time and products properly and sharpen his/her skills in a managerial role.
3. MBA gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams and gives you a force to innovate and experiment.
4. Engineers widen their knowledge and skills in the management area if they wish to become senior managers in an organization. Having already obtained a technical degree, an MBA expands the horizon of their education in the wider areas of management.

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