The whole procedure of the prize bond draw is carried out through the system of committee which is supervised under the help of Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS). This lucky draw is opened for the whole public and for those people who have taken part in it.

This draw process is done by through the system of hand drawn operation in the middle of main committee contributors as well as common individuals who are attending the ceremony of lucky draw. You can also get connected with the official website of National Savings or the prize bond list to know more insights of the winning amount and schedule.

How you can Claim your Prize Bond?

Now the main question which probably hit so many minds is that how you can easily claim your winning amount. Well this is quite simple and effortless! You can only win the prize bondwhich is within the closing timeline of 6 years. Any bond which is more than the age of 6 years is not legal to claim on.

Here we would like to mention that you cannot claim your wining amount on any other draw date. Every single bond denomination is added up with its own draw date so make sure you claim the winning amount on your specific draw date. If you want to claim your winning amount, then it is mandatory to fill a claim application form. Stamp date on your bond has to be maximum 2 months older as compared to your draw date. You can just qualify yourself through the winning amount if you have purchased the bond at least 2 months before the date of the respective draw. prize bond result

If your winning amount is Rs 1250, then you can easily claim it through National Savings Center or any of the branches of bank that are approved through National Banks and State Bank of Pakistan. But the winning amount which is greater than Rs 1250, it can just be claimed through the bank branches which are linked with State Bank of Pakistan.

For claiming your winning amount, you have to fill the application claim form which needs to be attached with your CNIC valid copy along with the replica copy of your bond as well. You should sign the replica copy from both front and back sides. The photocopy width has to be same as that of the original one.

At the time of visiting the office to claim your winning amount, make sure you are having all the original documents by your side such as valid CNIC, bond slip and your application claim form copy. This whole procedure is needed to be performed for the verification of the bond. The duration of the claiming process will be based on your winning amount. If your winning amount is greater, then the claiming duration will be more.

prize bonds winnerslist is almost around the restriction of Rs 10,000 as they are returned in the course of cash amount of around Rs 10,000 in which the face cost is equally paid towards the series of the claimant. Series of the winning amount is hence subjected to the withholding tax of 15%.

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