Urgent care is a fast-growing segment of the ambulatory care market. The American Urgent Care Association (UCA) reports that there now over 8,700 urgent care clinics and each year approximately 300 new urgent clinics are being added to the list. In Florida, Tarpon Spring Clinics are among the urgent care clinics that provide ambulatory care for its residents and nearby communities.
Why do people go to urgent care centers?
One reason is when their primary doctor is not available. Also, the waiting hours are one of the biggest drawbacks in going to the hospital or to a physician office. Patients hate the long waiting hours and as much as possible try to avoid it. Patients also hate the appointment requirement and even if they have the appointment, they also have to wait until their time is on. 
Sometimes the urgency to be seen by their primary doctor pushed patients to seek urgent care if their primary doctor is not available or has emergencies to attend to. People also hate going to a hospital and to avoid hospital trips, they seek care from urgent care. People dread the smell and sights of a hospital and if they have to get emergency care especially for non-serious illness or injuries, urgent care provides them a substitute place and a better alternative. If a mom is worried about her kid’s high fever or if her children need the shots and that she needs to drive to a long distance to bring her kid to a Tarpon Spring Clinics that are an urgent care and just a few walks or minutes’ drive takes the worrying off her. Urgent care also helps in avoiding the crowd in the hospital ER’s and patients get treated and go home at once. It is the convenience of time and travels in seeking medical care that makes people prefer urgent care.
Extensive medical services
The distinction of offering extensive medical services separates urgent care from physician offices or free-standing clinics and retail care found in shopping malls. Some Tarpon Spring clinics, for example, provide extensive medical care and can handle minor accident injuries or provide emergency treatment to minor burns and minor bone injuries. It has x-rays and can give lab testing and examination and patients do not need to go to a hospital for such examinations. Since it has in-house physicians and doctors with specialization, x-rays and lab tests results can be read immediately in order to apply needed care and treatments. This kind of care is not available in a typical physician's office or a clinic. 
Some sectors of medical care providers are aware of the benefits of urgent care clinics. However, there is apprehension that people will seek medical care from urgent care clinics and drop the importance of having a primary doctor. Primary doctors are very important in assessing one’s wellness and in providing medical care for every kind of illness. It is very important that people should consider going to urgent care such as Tarpon Spring Clinics only and when needing emergency-like care for non-serious diseases and not for chronic and for life-threatening diseases or illnesses.

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The walk-in centers are places that offer excellent patient care at affordable costs as compared with the emergency care services.