It’s almost every day that drivers here and see warnings for driving slow to avoid any dangerous situations.

However, that may not be the case all the time which means that slow drivers can also increase chances of accidents on the road. How??? Well, experts suggest that excessive caution may not be the best course in all occasions. They say that being too slow and unaware about what’s happening on the road may work against you.

Slow speed is equivalent to speeding up as suggested by driving and road safety experts. The biggest reason is that when you are too slow it prompts other drivers to overtake even on bendy roads and that may lead to an accident. Essentially, the slow speed being a blocking factor may frustrate the other driver.

This can also be the case on motorways as if one of the cars is on the wrong lane then it may adversely affect others who are driving safely. This clears the air that if one does not need to speed up then they do not need to slow down as well. They can maintain the speed limit and drive in the proper lane. Drivers who love to drive in the central lane should make a conscious effort to be in the inside lane provided they are not overtaking.

Experts suggest that too slow driving is a result of a lack of confidence and that crops up when people are just interested in passing the driving test. If they have practised enough then there is no chance of fear while on the road. Also, while learning they should invest enough time in mastering good driving sense as too much delay and weak decision making on the road would leave other drivers baffled.

In addition, pedestrians may also get confused as they may think that you have lowered down speed to let them cross the road and this confusion may lead to accidents if any of the two parties are unaware about the actual situation. To resolve this, experts suggest that drivers should proceed with a degree of caution but not exaggerate it so that it impedes safe driving. This brings us to a conclusion that neither speeding nor slowing down is a good driving practice. So, the best way is to keep the pace and be within the speed limits.

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