Have you ever been so unsure of a decision that you needed to make, or a direction you needed to take in your life that you didn't quite know where to turn? Many people who are faced with these kinds of dilemmas turn to signs. Signs from Nature, signs from God, signs from the Universe (whatever force you resonate with) some believe that a sign will come if they ask for it.

As a result of the asking, the signs very often show up, or simply show up by their absence. Now here's a new twist to the theory of signs and guideposts. If you are believer in the Universal law based on attraction, the law of attraction in other words, then simply by the attention and intention we will create those signs to appear in our lives. If, for example, there are two paths to take, one is definitely more appealing, the other is not so appealing but may have certain benefits to taking.

So I ask the Universe to show me a sign. We can be as specific in the asking of the sign or as vague, either way if we ask for a clear sign of which road to travel, then it is my opinion that a sign for the path that we truly consciously or unconsciously desire, will appear. Then the question is this: Is it the sign or is it Law of Attraction? I would have to say that it is law of attraction. Due to our asking, the Universe delivered the sign. Due to our desire we saw the sign we wanted to see, or not see.

The absence of a sign is just as much a sign as the delivery of a sign. Once again it falls under the same principles, how much do we really want to see the sign correlating to the direction we need to take?

A perfect way to sum up this debate is by one simple quote I have come up with:

"If you ask for a sign because you are unsure of your path, then a sign will show up if it's the path you desire. If you really don't want to take that path then a sign will clearly be absent!"

One perfect example is the woman who was in an unfulfilling relationship with a man who lived in a different town, they were basically pen pals, she felt a strong connection, but they were not at the relationship phase. She truly believed they would make a wonderful pair, and that he could be the one for her. She asked the Universe for a sign, the sign of 3 separate incidences of seeing red roses within a few day period if he was the man for her. She also suggests white if they are not meant to be. The first day goes by she sees a white rose bouquet on the television. She immediately panics and feels that he is right for her, so she puts her hopes to the outcome of seeing red roses next.

Sure enough her desire produced three separate incidences of bouquets of red roses over a span of a few days. Well there you have it she thought, "He is the man for me, just like I had suspected." Well to make a long story short, he wasn't the man for her, they weren't meant to be together no matter how many signs that appeared. Those signs appeared because of her strong desire for them to appear. After realizing what she had manifested- signs- which proved to her that law of attraction was the culprit here, not the universe sending messages of fate, she went back to looking at whether or not her needs were being met and what she truly was looking to attract in a relationship. She knew she deserved more than this, she needed to be true to herself.

Once she released this unfulfilling "friendship" and was very clear about what it is she wanted in a Soulmate and in a relationship, as she vowed she would accept no less, within two weeks her real Soulmate appeared out of the blue! They are now happily living together. The two of them have the same perspective about what a relationship should look like and how it should feel. He even fits her description of the type of man she wanted, right down to their shared vegetarian lifestyle. So to me the answer is a simple one: Signs or Law of Attraction ~ Law of Attraction all the way... and by the way this woman is ME!

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Maryann Candito, Certified Law of Attraction Coach & EFT Practitioner inspires women to get rid of the baggage and get busy creating an amazing life!

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