If you're an expert who is wanting to get out there and coach with your work and help people, it's a smart strategy to put what you know into a book.

However, since my blessing is to give everything a look through a sales conversion perspective, I'm going to give you some advice that you won't hear from a traditional publishing professional, who sees your book as the end product.

If you facilitate transformation for your clients, your book isn't the end product. In fact, it's just the beginning. And, as such, it should be a tantalizing promise to your ideal clients of just how amazing your work actually could be for them, while also including some tangible ways to get started experiencing the transformation you offer right away.

That's why I say don't just pour everything you know into your book, because that can hurt your ability to help people in a bigger way.

Why is that?

Well, the truth is, most people will opt for the lowest level of commitment, which is likely to be your $19 book. So if they read your book and you've thrown everything in it, without leading to an Irresistible Offer™, your readers are going to think the book represents everything you can do for them, and they will have no reason to go any deeper with you.

Therefore, instead of helping you to build your business while establishing your expertise, your book would actually be standing in the way of all the additional help you could give your clients in your office or course or through your coaching.

That's definitely not the result you want from your book! So what do we recommend instead?

When you write your book, as our Speak-to-Sell talk structure lays out, we think it's smarter to dive deeply into one piece of what you teach, really give people some immediate value so that they can see changes in their life, business, etc., right away; and then make sure to show them how they can work with you further or take it further through a well-defined path that you lay out.

This idea is called reverse engineering, or, another way to say it is, building your book with the end in mind.
For example, when I wrote Position Yourself for Online Sales Success: How to Use Your Phone and Computer to Finally Set Yourself Free! I didn't share the entire content of my 6 Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System. I shared the content of one module plus a meaty bonus.

I made sure to reverse engineer my book so that it led to my Irresistible Offer, while, at the same time, allowing the book to stand alone with the deep level of content and teaching that it offers to set the reader on their path in a powerful way.

When you structure your book this way, you're working with it to give your ideal clients a very powerful and immediately useful appetizer, and then showing them the path to having the whole meal.

This is the key to your book being not just inspirational but having the potential to be truly transformational as well.

If you'd like to take this idea one step further and actually start writing your book, check out Hay House's free video series on how to become a successful author, which promises to be transformational as well. Watch video 1 "Insider Tips for Becoming a Published Author" here.
If you'd like to take this idea one step further and actually start writing your book, Hay House is offering a writer's workshop that promises to be transformational as well. Watch video 1 ’Inside Tips for Becoming a Published Author’ here.

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