Is It a Big Threat to the Elderly Population?

You could be relatively familiar with the epidermis, it is usually a common disease of male reproductive organs, the danger of male friends being affected by this disease can be relatively large, and in addition seriously get a new well-being life of everyone. Epididymitis could be vunerable to infection from the population is teenagers, and also to young adults, other age groups of male friends will also gain epididymitis. So is it a huge threat on the elderly population?

Epididymitis is principally brought on by bacterial infections. Bacteria mostly in the infected urine, prostate, posterior urethra, seminal vesicle using the vas deferens spread for the epididymis. After prostate surgery and indwelling catheter patients, who will be also prone to epididymitis, urine return to the vas deferens when urination can also lead to epididymitis. The common bacterium that causes epididymitis has escherichia coli, staphylococcus, gonococci and chlamydia regularly cause epididymitis.

Understanding the signs of epididymitis can help prevent its occurrence. Epididymitis may be divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis, acute epididymitis’ onset is acute, scrotal swelling is painful, and radiate to the groin reducing abdomen. The pain is worse when standing, often which has a high fever. When inflammation is heavier, scrotum skin oedema and be aglow, which may form abscess.

Patients often feel side scrotal pain, and radiate for the groin. There is an irregular epididymal swelling and pain history, epididymal mild enlargement and hard, and mild tenderness, but rarely significant nodule feeling. The treatment of chronic epididymitis is targeted on the treatment of chronic prostatitis, unless the sufferer has multiple acute attacks or suppurative epididymitis, generally tend not to do epididymal resection.

After men with epididymitis be forced to pay attention to adjust the diet, the stimulus in order to avoid eating spicy food at ordinary times, and prevent alcohol, in the event of endogenous humid and aggravate the discomfort, , nor eat cold food, avoid smoking, for some hair content, like pig, fish soup, mutton etc all should eat less or tend not to eat, because these foods can result in inflammation of the site secretions increase, thus make infiltration diffusion and aggravate symptoms.

In life, epididymitis patients also taboo to get lower body cold, sex, endure urine, etc., this can result in dysuria, that literally brings more pain.

Epididymitis patients also taboo unclean sexual activity, taboo to not pay attention towards the health of sexual organs, concurrently avoid wearing tight jeans, too tight airtight pants will aggravate the symptoms of epididymitis.

It is usually recommended that epididymitis patients should pay attention to maintain good mood at ordinary times, avoid excessive fatigue, could be appropriate exercise to improve the physique, but absolutely taboo endure urine, pay awareness of maintain regular life, eat more vegatables and fruits, keep defecate unobvious.

To sum up, men must prevent early, and acquire from pain. If a number of you already have epididymitis, do not be alarmed. At present there are a selection of medicine to help remedy epididymitis, the therapy needs antibacterial and pain combined ways. The selection of appropriate antimicrobial agents must wait for outcomes of drug sensitivity test. In the period of epididymitis and swelling pain, lidocaine + dexamethasone could be used for blocking treatment to stop severe swelling pain symptoms. Patients could also directly pick the herbal medicine diuretic anti-inflammatory pills for treatment, containing the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood stasis, and reducing swelling and relieving pain.

As everybody knows, chemicals found in western medicine have some of negative effects, including allergy symptoms, drug resistance and injury to organs for example the liver or kidneys. So herbs work well for treating chronic diseases and epididymitis.diuretics and anti-inflammatory pills,which is a completely natural herb and can be the best medicine for treating epididymitis.

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