Infini is an advanced form of skin care treatment that can not only improve the appearance and quality of skin but also take away a few years off from your skin. The procedure involves use of radio wave and micro-needling, technologies in which specific areas of the neck and skin can be targeted with absolute precision. Many cosmetic surgeons recommend Infini plastic surgery to help people overcome the problems of aging skin.

A Non-Invasive Procedure That Works On All Skin Types

Infini plastic surgery is a non-invasive procedure that’s convenient for the patient and has a downtime of only one or two days at the most. This unique device has been developed specifically for wrinkle reduction. It makes use of the 3-D volumization technology to maximize the outcome while ensuring that patient discomfort and downtime remains at the lowest level.

Skincare experts recommend Infini plastic surgery for the many benefits it offers to those who choose to undergo the treatment. According to the top experts in the latest skin care technology, this advanced anti-aging technology helps in:

• Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
• Improving skin tone and texture
• Pulling up sagging skin
• Reducing scars and acne scarring
• Boosting overall skin rejuvenation

The Procedure

The procedure involves fractional tissue heating and not bulk heating as is commonly misinterpreted. When done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon with many years of experience in Infini surgery, the procedure can deliver excellent results and, what’s more, it is really safe as well. The best clinic offering the treatment will make sure that the needles are insulated and other mandatory precautions are followed.

Surgeons make use of variable needle depths depending on individual cases. The epidermis or outer skin is fully protected from heat at all times during the procedure. Many patients who have undergone the treatment acknowledge that the procedure is very safe, easy to undergo, and highly effective as well. The body’s reaction is used to firm the skin and this is done by delivering energy directly to the dermis through sterilized micro needles. As the outer layer of the skin remains protected at all times, Infini can be done on all types of skin. Even patients with tanned skin can undergo the procedure without it affecting their tanning in any manner.

A full face treatment, when handled by an experienced Infini skin treatment specialist, will take about 45 minutes. If the procedure is to be done on the neck too, the time taken could extend by another 20 minutes. There is a numbing procedure done before the actual treatment starts, and that could take around an hour.

Dr. Cappuccino is one of the most renowned names when it comes to Infini plastic surgery. The reputed cosmetic surgeon has performed over 500 Infini skin treatments over the past two years and is regarded as an unrivaled authority in these type of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments.

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