Nowadays, Muslims are facing various difficulties regarding Islam, the Religion of Peace. The major issue Muslim community is facing that they are converting people to Islam by force and coercion. In the present times, the reputation of Islam is ruined due to several reasons. The western people think Islam is a violent religion that doesn’t give the liberty and rights of women and forcing the people. But, Muslims know that this concept is wrong and not true.

In the Light of Holy Quran

The reality is totally different from Islam because Islam is a religion of peace. Truth is that Islam encourages its supporters to be nonviolent and live in peaceful manners with one another as well as with people of other religion like Christians, Hindus, Jews etc. The biggest example that Muslims show is events of Hajj and Ramadan Umrah. In these events, millions of Muslims are gathered in one land of Saudi Arabia. Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

• “Definitely, We have exposed to you the Book (Holy Quran) with the truth for all manhood; so whoever follows the righteous way, it is for his own soul and whoever gets it wrong, he makes a mistake only to its loss; and you aren’t a defender over them.” (Holy Quran: 39:41)

Islam, a religion of peace does not encourage any such concept and requests its supporters to be nonviolent. But, yes, spread Islam in the most sensible and thoughtful way all around the world. The person who wants to walk on the path of righteousness and accept the Islam for him the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is only responsible. He is not responsible for non-believers or who don’t accept the Islam. Allah says in the Holy Quran again,

• “And if your Sustainer had satisfied, undoubtedly all those who are on the ground (earth) would have faith, all of them; will you then force men till they become followers?” (Holy Quran: 10:99)

The western people think that Muslims are spreading the Islam because they could rule the world and force their Islamic rules and regulations upon the whole world. They don’t know that the decisions of Allah are supreme and He can do whatever He wants. Therefore, He doesn’t need to spread Islam by Islam. Allah Says in the Holy Quran again,

• “Call (O Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)!) to the way of your Allah with Knowledge and fair incitement and claim with them in the best way; definitely your Allah best knows those who go astray from His pathway, and He best knows those who follow the righteous way.” (Holy Quran: 16:125)

So, it is cleared that Islam doesn’t allow the people to spread Islam by force and sword. Don’t make Islam wrong. It is very peaceful religion in the world.

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