Holding on to a failed relationship in the guise that you want him as a friend is in no way a wrong thing to do but the fact that you know it cannot be salvaged and you still hold on to a man who probably has moved on is an injustice to yourself and your love life. Every woman hopes to meet a man who would understand her, appreciate her, love and care for her for the rest of her life but this is not always the case. For one reason or another, you have had a relationship breakdown and the only option was for the both of you to go your separate ways. But out of hope on a possible reconciliation and a makeup, you chose to remain friends with your ex and have him hang around. There’s a danger in this and most women are not even aware of what danger this possess to them.

Having an ex or a past fling hanging around, hoping things could get back to how they were is not entirely a bad idea, after all there is a possibility that you could get back together and work out your differences. But, sometimes, it would not work out like this. Rather than looking up ahead and forging a better life for yourself, you’d still hang on to what is left with this guy, hoping on an ever fading hope of reconciliation. While you are at it, you may be missing your opportunity of meeting a better guy- your Mr. Right. Because you still have this person around, your chance of meeting your Mr. Right becomes diminished. You need to understand that obviously your ex may not be coming back and no matter the strategies you use, it is over between the both of you completely. You have to let him go and give other people a chance. Yes, you may have truly loved your ex, you gave your soul, body and heart to him and because of the deep affection you had for him, you have found it difficult to let go. It is time to start breaking off those bonds otherwise you would be stuck with loving someone who would never be with you.

Past flings and Ex’s should be confined to a phase of your life –in the past. You need to get back to living your life and enjoying it. Get out and do things that would clear your mind off these people. Start chasing your career if you weren’t and if you were, it’s time to take it to the next level. Spend time at the gym, Engage in community service, visit the poor and orphaned and give them support. Get busy doing things that would distract your mind from the thoughts of these failed relationships. It is even when you are doing these that your Mr. Right would come around.

Bear in mind that Mr. Right is not going to be Mr. Perfect. You need to be cautious so you don’t repeat the mistakes of your previous relationships. You know the things you did wrong then or tolerated from your ex then. You wouldn’t want a repeat this time. So set boundaries so you both know what you want out of the relationship. Now that you have a better experience, you are better suited to handle your love life.

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Shaundra Connelly is happily married, has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) relationship coach in Orlando, FL. Her passion is empowering women to re-connect with their true inner-strength to acquire the relationship they desire to have. As your relationship coach and a NLP Practitioner, Shaundra can provide you with the tools you need to increase your relationship confidence to acquire your ideal man