Muslims are present in almost every region of the society. And Islam is the most practiced religion after Christianity. There is a little difference in them they also follow the prophets and believe that there is no god. They also follow a holy book bible. There is a dispute among Muslims and Christians that is they think Hazrat Isa is the son of Allah but Muslims says he is just a messenger of Allah.

As Allah says in Quran,
“There is no god but Allah. He is the only creator and master of the universe. He is not offspring off any nor he has offspring.”

As it is clear in from the above verse that he is single and Hazrat Isa is not his son. The question arises why he had no father then? Hazrat Marriyum was virgin then how he was born? Well, there was a reason behind it!

The time when Hazrat Isa was born was the Dark Age. People don’t listen to the prophets and committee all time of sins. When Allah sent them a prophet they straight away kill them. But as the birth of Hazrat Isa was a miracle. When Hazrat Marriyum took Hazrat Isa back to Jerusalem. Hazrat Isa used to speak so that the people may listen to him and embrace Islam. It is mention in the Quran that Hazrat Isa used to speak the following verses as follow,

“Verily I am the slave of Allah, he has given me the scripture and made me a prophet.”

Considering him a son of Allah is a great sin as you all can see from the above verse that he is just a slave and messenger of Allah. Allah makes him born with a miracle so that the people of Jerusalem would listen to him and consider him a prophet of Allah and embrace Islam. Everything which Allah do there is a kind of betterment and a reason for it.

There are so many miracles of Allah if we look around us. Like in one place there is a night and in another place, there is a day, change of light into dark and dark into the brightest morning. These all are the miracles of Allah. We sleep and wakeup is also a blessing of Allah Almighty. We must thank Allah for everything he bestowed on us and there is no better place to thank Allah other than in his own house. So must go to Hajj and Umrah and thank him and fulfill the most sacred duty. Now Umrah visa online also available and it is much cheap.

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