Is going away/traveling GOOD for a relationship?

We’ve all been there. Some more than others. Traveling. Without your spouse/significant other/ children and loved ones.
The question is: is there some positives and, does it actually strengthen your relationship at home?

I’ll share some comments I thought of but mainly wanted to see what your comments are on this one.

For one, it keeps things fresh. It reminds me of letting the tied up dog off his/her leash for awhile. Usually there is some freedom exercised the first 24-36 hours to go a little hog wild, whatever your hobbies and/or vices are. Eventually, it settles a bit. Also, may be a bit liberating for the one who stays at home as well?

A secondary thing of travel is you get to see what’s going on in other parts of the planet, outside your home, your city, your atmosphere. It’s kind of cool, yet, at the same time, it also gives you an appreciation for what you have at home.

Next, if traveling with other friends or business associates, you share stories. This goes both ways; we can comfort in the fact that most of us are very similar in some respects and we aren’t so ‘weird’. On the other spectrum, listening to others may give us an awakening that they have some issues and challenges we don’t have, and maybe things aren’t so bad (or are pretty good) at home after all.

Famed singer,Bruce Springsteen, ‘The Boss’, was asked how he managed to keep his marriage so strong with all the traveling he did playing music all over the world. His golden rule that he supposedly never, ever, broke was this: Never be away from your wife for more than 3 weeks. Either fly home or have her come meet you, but always see each other at least once per three weeks. Interesting.

Finally, going away is also fun, educational, cultural and teaches you something about new experiences. So, I say, go for it, occasionally. But not for too long. Everything, in moderation. Plus, although the troops as home might appreciate the temporary ‘breather’ of your presence, the dogs hate it!

How about traveling good for a relationship? What say you?

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