Over half a century ago government regulations in most western countries started to manipulate our natural drinking water. At least this is what the opposing group is saying to fluoride in our community water. Listening to both sides of the argument one has to wonder: Who is right and who is wrong?

With all the abundant information available about fluoride, although with all this technical data and script information is also very conflicting. There is this strong evidence that fluoride has some good benefits in preventing tooth decay.

Another question: Is dental decay reduced by fluoridated toothpaste and fluoride dietary supplements?

We deeply care about dental health!

Most communities had fluoridated drinking water for 50 years or more. Should we support fluoride in our drinking water? Is it preventing disease without any side effects, or could we use our tax dollars in a better cost-effective way in regards to other health issues?

Does fluoride in our drinking water and toothpaste expose us to chemicals and health risks? Does fluoride in toothpaste strengthen our teeth and make them more resistant to decay? Another claim states that fluoride in toothpaste whitens our teeth. The fact is they don't whiten any one’s teeth; that's only a false sales pitch.

Most people care about dental health. Do we get all the protection for our teeth from the fluoride in our drinking water without creating any other health issues? There is positive evidence that fluoride has some effect in reducing tooth decay and improvement to dental health in general.

Claims against fluoride in drinking water!

There have been many studies about fluoride and are still ongoing. Here are some of the findings:

A disease called fluorosis which is affecting adults and children alike. The teeth become mottled and brittle. Buildup of fluoride in our bone structure has a similar effect. The bones accumulate the poison. The bones become brittle and increase a fracture risk. This skeletal fluorosis looks like another skeletal disease, and it is easy overlooked.

Other studies have connected fluoride to bone cancer also accumulation of fluoride disrupts the thyroid. Fluoride is chemically similar to iodine. It is known as a most active disruptor of cellular processes.

Not just in drinking water!

Fluoride and its implications are far further reaching than just our drinking water. Some years ago, the EPA approved a fluoride containing antifungal for use on crops and processed foods. We should also know of all the other dangerous ingredients in personal care products besides fluoride which is Sodium Laurel Sulphate contained in toothpaste.

There is an astounding high level of fluoride put in our foods. For example: the allowance in our drinking water is 1ppm, in some foods they allowed 900ppm. It’s been recognized that 1ppm in water is already high. This is leaving a fluoride residue of 7ppm on some fruits, including vegetables, berries, citrus fruits and many wines.

To stop or to avoid dangerous health risks change to organic.

There is breaking news that some government departments are reviewing the fluoride levels in our drinking water. Why after so many years?

You may have to reach your own conclusion about all of this!

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